Friday, December 17, 2010

SpellQuizzer Giveaway

You may remember a post I wrote a week or so ago about using board games to help Kat with her spelling. I still recommend the technique, but some weeks are simply too busy to make time for game-playing every night.

Enter SpellQuizzer. SpellQuizzer is a computer program that does exactly as its name suggests -- it quizzes young spellers on their spelling words. If your child is like Kat, he or she loves having a little bit of computer time, especially without you standing over his/her shoulder. And if your child is also like Kat, he or she often gets frustrated with your attempts at teaching spelling (or anything for that matter). By letting your computer become your quizzing surrogate, your kiddo will have more fun (and learn more easily), while you have less stress.

Here's how it works: Spend just a few minutes keying your child's spelling words into the SpellQuizzer data base, making an audio recording of each word as you enter it, then let your computer "do the work" of reciting the words and quizzing your child. As each word is keyed in by the child, the computer will either accept the word (if it is correct) or display both the error and the corrected spelling (if it is incorrect). At the end of the quiz, the program will congratulate a student for a perfect score or will prompt the student to try the misspelled words again.

If it sounds simple, it is. But it works!
If you would like to see a video demonstration about SpellQuizzer, click HERE.  Software users are also supported by an online community and a page tailored specifically to homeschoolers.  SpellQuizzer also includes free downloadable spelling lists.

SpellQuizzer offers a free 30-Day Home trial, with the licensed version selling for $29.95.  However, I have been offered the opportunity to give away one SpellQuizzer license to one of my blog readers for free!  It can be installed right away and ready to use as soon as the kids are back to school in January.

I know everyone is busy this time of year, so I'll keep entries for this giveaway very simple.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite word and why it's your favorite.  Leave your comment anytime between now and 11:59 PM Central Time on Monday, 12/20.  I'll select the winner via a random number drawing and announce that person's name on Tuesday, 12/21.

If you would like a SECOND entry to win, visit SpellQuizzer on Facebook and click "Like", then come back here and leave me a SECOND comment to say you did.

Good luck!

Oh, and BTW, my favorite word is Potawatomi.   I just think it's a fun word to pronounce.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

this would be great for the grandsons. Brady is 9 and Alex is 6Their mom gives them each screen time, rather it be TV, video games or the computer, they get to choose.


Lisa B. said...

I really need this for boy wonder. He has been struggling this year with spelling also.

I love words. Word puzzles, games, crosswords etc. Where I used to work every morning we (the office women) had a word of the day. My favorite word from those three years of daily words is: consummate

Lisa B. said...

I liked SpellQuizzer on Facebook!

My newest favorite word from this year is: refudiate

It was the most looked up word of summer 2010!

Just wish I knew what it meant! lol