Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Next Time, Someone Please Hit Me Over The Head

That's right!  Next time I mention bringing another cat into our house, stray or sheltered, kitten or adult, will somebody please just grab the nearest heavy object and knock some sense into me?

As sweet and cute as Mittens is, she has to go.  Our older cats have her so terrorized that she won't come out from under the couch for more than a few minutes at a time.  She's no longer pooping in the bathtub because she's afraid to make her way TO the bathtub.  Her spot of choice now is behind the couch.  However, she's also done it in the kitchen a couple of times and in Kat's room a couple of times.

She's scratched Swiper across the eye (after Swiper took a chunk out of her ear), she got me across the nose one day and gave Shane a nice red bracelet across his wrist.  She's as nervous as a cat in a room full of...well, other cats.

Last night she came out and Swiper took out after her and they spilled a jar candle that was on a warming plate.  Our carpet was shot to begin with, but now it's even shotter.  But hey, it smells really good in the living room now.  I wonder how long it's going to take for Pumpkin Spice to get old.  Probably long before we're able to replace the carpet.

All four cats are on edge, Shane is on edge, Kat is misbehaving more and I'm on constant doody duty because no one else here will even make an attempt to clean a cat-related mess.  Yet I'm the one who would give it a little longer to work itself out...but admittedly, not much longer...I have my doubts at this point that she can ever be properly litter box trained, at least not in our home.  Regardless, Shane has put his foot down.  Mittens has to go. 

We're going to talk to our friends John and Trish first.  They live in the country and have a barn and a large shed.  They also have two friendly outdoor cats already, so it's not like they'd have to do anything other than put out a little more food.

If that doesn't work, we have another friend (former neighbor) who moved to a farm and who never turns away an animal.  Mittens might end up there.

Finally, if I have to, I will talk to the local shelter, but they are always so full that they turn people away all the time.  Whatever happens, we won't dump her on the street the way we found her.  We'll make sure she has a home.  Just not ours.  :(


Sheila said...

I'm sorry it isn't working out with Mittens. It does sound like she would be much more comfortable without other cats around--or at least at a farm where she can have her own "big" space. At least you tried. I'm sure you will find her a home she can be comfortable at.

Annie Jones said...

It's such a shame. She really does have a sweet personality and loves people, even children. But either she doesn't like the other cats or they don't like her...I haven't figured out which. Probably both. We can't toss out our older three to accommodate the little one, though. All I know is that no people are animals are happy around here right now.

Elaine said...

Annie, I feel your pain. I have 2 dogs, both around 7 years old (at that time). I rescued a small dog in my neighborhood that had been abandoned. She was about 1-1/2 years old, and too frisky for my dogs. Also, my female did not want another female anything in the house. I tried to re-home her twice, and she was brought back both times. The couples said she seemed afraid of men. I was afraid that my dog would hurt her, so I took her to a shelter. They didn't want to take her, but I cried, begged, and pleaded with them to help us, so they finally did. The vet spayed her, and 3 days later she was adopted. This was over a year ago, and I'm still sad that I couldn't keep her, but also happy that she has a new, safe home.

We do what we can.


slugmama said...

Sorry it's not working out. I think you've done about as much as you can under the circumstances. At least by taking charge of her when you did, you were able to save her from a worse fate and you'll find her a good situation in the end.

McVal said...

That's too bad! Also too bad you can't do the Brady bunch solution and lock them in a room for a long time until they come out friends!
Cats just don't work that way...

Jill said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work out. I'm sure you will find her a good home to go too. Your heart is certainly in the right place! Best wishes.

Melynda said...

I noticed this post while I was at lunch while at work, I feel for you. It is so hard to do the right thing, like taking in a stray and then have it turn out like this. Good luck, and something tells me there won't be a next time, so the heavy object is probably not needed.

Miranda said...

So sorry that it didn't work out. Wish I was a bit closer and I would come get her. Hope things get better or you find a good home for her soon.