Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - The Week Before Christmas Edition

Good morning to everyone.  Here it is, the last week before Christmas.  Are you ready?

I'm not.  And what's worse --or maybe it's actually better -- I don't care that I'm not ready.  I still have gifts to wrap, sweets to bake, and a Christmas Day menu of appetizers to plan and prepare (as well as some for our day-after-Christmas gathering).  I have to phone around to see if there is a good Chinese restaurant open on Christmas Eve. 

You know what?  If it doesn't all get done, that's alright.  If I have to put a gift or two under the tree unwrapped, I will.  If I need to "regift" a Hickory Farms gift box to our family get-together meal rather than cook something for it, so what?  I refuse to get stressed out over a holiday that's supposed to be joyous.

And thanks to my friend Sharon, I may not need to bake, either.  Yesterday, while I must have been doing something that kept me from hearing her knock at my door, she left this beautiful bowl on my doorstep.  At the time, it was filled to the brim with goodies -- Lemon Cookies, Dirt Balls, Potato Chip Clusters and a jar of honey peanut butter.  We ate some and put the rest in airtight containers, but I'm sure I'll be using the ball again on Christmas Day and for many winters to come.

Other than that highlight, yesterday was pretty uneventful.  Saturday, though, was fun!  Shane and I went out for the day to celebrate my birthday.  My birthday was actually Thursday, but it's much easier for us to go out on the weekend than on a weeknight.  We went shopping at Cargo Largo (a discount freight salvage store), then had lunch at BD's Mongolian BBQ.  After lunch, we shopped at Cockrell Mercantile (a great little "village" that was once a farm; they sell all sorts kitchenware, baking goods, Fiesta dishes and other gifts).  If you're a local reader and haven't been to Cockrell, it's worth the trip!.  We ended the day at at Borders Books.  We didn't buy much anywhere, but it was fun to just get out and look around.

As for my week ahead, I need to tackle the regular chores first, then gift-wrapping, and hopefully get all of that done before noon on Wednesday, when Kat gets out of school for her winter break.  Toward the end of the week, I might make time, and actually be in the mood, to do some baking.  We'll see.

How is your week shaping up?  Are you ready for "the big day"?


Cathy said...

Good for you Annie. I purposely have everything done except food for Christmas a week before because I love having the down time to enjoy Christmas. I see so many friends totally stressed out right now and it makes me sad. Do what you can and forget the rest. Yay for you!

Melynda said...

Ready? You know at this point, if it isn't done, it isn't needed. Time to enjoy. Happy belated Birthday, and many more to come.

Leanne said...

That's a great attitude, I'm stealing your attitude just so you know:)

I had plans and loads of good intentions for yesterday and today when Chloe had her last days at school but it's been closed because of the snow so I've managed to get nothing done:) Putting a few pressies under the tree unwrapped doesn't sound like such a bad idea at all. I think I may just bake some cookies today and then we'll eat 'em all:)

Glad to hear you had a nice birthday, that Cargo Largo looks like a good place to visit, we don't have anything like that here.

Sharon said...

So happy that I helped fill in a little bit so you could have more time for joy with the family. You rock! Hugs, and happy holidays - will see you Next Year!