Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Time To Party Edition

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?

The holiday parties have begun!  Saturday afternoon I went to Janelle's Cookie Exchange and had a great time.  The perfect number of guests showed up so that everyone was able to take home a half-dozen of each kind of cookie there.  Talk about some good cookies!  I think my favorite was the Mint Julep oatmeal cookies made with Andes Mints.  Janelle decorated her home beautifully.  Go HERE to see the pictures!

Saturday evening we went to a Christmas party at our friends John's and Trish's.  (If we're not home, that's usually where we can be found; it's become a regular hang-out for us.)  The picture above is from that party.  The cat scratch on my nose worked well in my attempt to imitate Rudolph.  And my husband's forehead is not really quite that huge (although it does seem to be growing!)  We had a great time and stayed out until midnight!  We're old, so that's rather late for us.  Our first snow fall of the season was just beginning as we left the party.

Yesterday I spent the morning doing the usual cleaning and laundry.  After lunch, I couldn't help myself and took a nap for a couple of hours.  After my nap I played a couple of board games with Kat (reviews to come in the next day or two), made a pan of lasagna for supper, watched about an hour of television and was back in bed by 9:00.

Today, so far, I have put a beef roast in the oven, cleaned up after myself, changed the sheets on our bed, run a load of dishes and started a load of laundry.  Well, I had some help.  Shane is home today, not because there is no work, but because it is too cold to do the work.  He was going to have drill some holes in granite reinforced concrete today, and the drill requires water as a lubricant.  The water will freeze (it's currently only 11°F), and any liquid that won't freeze at this temp will stain the surrounding concrete, is a no-go today.  That's ok; as always, I have a list of jobs that he can work on.

I have a busy day ahead, blogwise.  I need to post last week's meals, since I didn't get that done yesterday.  I need to review the board games I received from CSN Stores, I have a giveaway to tell you about from Novica, and another giveaway to post from SpellQuizzer.  I also have some treat recipes to post as well as some regular supper recipes to share.  Don't be surprised to see a couple posts a day from me this week.  On the other hand, when Shane's home, it's more difficult for me to get computer time (we share a single computer), so don't be surprised if I don't get a post up some days. 

What's on your schedule for the week?  Are things getting busier for you the closer it gets to Christmas?


Lisa B. said...

Very busy! And it is getting so cold. brrrrrrr I wish my hubby could be home SOME due to the cold. Just some though. lol

slugmama said...

My schedule for the week?....oh, go see my blog....just a few things...LOLOL

Nice Rudolph look....Ok, I had to say that but I don't even think it's noticeable really.

McVal said...

Christmas parties started for us on Saturday too! Then Meri got sick on Sunday and we had to miss two. But she's better now.
My schedule for the week... let's see. Meri needs to make a bunch of stir fry and a poster about it tonight to take to school tomorrow for a demonstration. Then I get to bring the stir fry for everyone in her class to sample.
Another Christmas party on Friday night and Saturday night. All day Saturday I will be sewing and getting caught up on all Christmas gifts. I hope...
Going to clean the main floor over my lunch break today so I can enjoy the tree without feeling guilty about how yucky everything else looks...
sorry about your nose!

Annie Jones said...

Lisa B: It's nice to have him home. Some of the time. ;)

Sluggy: I are one busy Slugmama!

McVal: Sounds like you're as busy as Sluggy...almost. Aside from my bright and shiny nose, the tree is the only thing in my house that looks good right now.

Frances said...

You are too busy for me. You make me feel lazy and I work in an office 9 hours a day. LOL!