Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Glad It's Monday Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm really glad that it's Monday. You see, it seems Shane and I have developed a weekend problem. We stay up too late on Friday and Saturday evenings -- and by late, I mean until around midnight, which IS late for us -- then because of it, we want to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday mornings -- and by sleeping in, I mean until around 7:30 or so, which IS sleeping for us. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but both of us feel sluggish and blah all day. Maybe one day we'll finally learn to just stick to our regular schedules on the weekend.

Yesterday Kat went with her mom and step-dad to visit my parents. My mom is on a roller coaster ride lately of feeling really bad, then feeling a little better, then really bad again. Mom was feeling somewhat better yesterday and said she enjoyed their visit when I talked to her this morning.

While Kat was gone, Shane and I were able to have a pretty productive day. He was able to clean and organize everything in our utility shed and move some things from our garage out to the shed. He also got a good start on cleaning the garage. I stayed inside and did the same with the kitchen, although I didn't quite get done. Afterward, we had a leftover supper and watched a Netflix movie, which was why we were up after midnight.

This morning I was up again at 6:00 with a migraine (having my sleep off schedule may have also contributed to that), and while I was waiting for my medication to start working, I tried to check my email, only to find we had no internet connection. Shane had opened a craigslist ad that contained a virus on Friday and we thought we'd been able to remove it, but the anti-spy software he had used was causing problems of its own. It took most of the morning, but we think we have the problem fixed. But should I disappear from the blog and Facebook at any time without warning, you'll know the computer was infected after all.

I've never had trouble learning how to use a software package, but I absolutely hate dealing with computer problems, software installation, updates, etc.  I was extra tired on top of that, so I really didn't have a good Sunday morning.  The afternoon was a little better.  I baked a big batch of bread, tried out the new Brotform (which I'll review later this week), and made homemade fried chicken strips for our supper, which we ate picnic-style on a table cloth spread out on the living room floor.  I didn't get to finish organizing the kitchen, but I'm sure it will still be there when I'm ready to get back at it.

Today I'll be having lunch with a friend I haven't seen (except on Facebook) for about 20 years.  After that, I'll be taking Kat to a dentist appointment.  Tomorrow I have a podiatrist appointment to have a painful foot checked out.  It started hurting occasionally about a year ago, but has been hurting almost daily for the last month or so, so it's time to see what's up.  I don't think I have anything else pressing the rest of the week.  Now that the weather has cooled, I'm going to rework my menu for this week so I can get a pot of chili in there somewhere.  On Saturday, we'll be visiting my parents and I plan to take Mary's Chicken and Dumpling Bake with me.  We love it so much that I just have to share it!

So that was our weekend.  I hope yours was more restful than mine.  What's in store for you for the week ahead?


McVal said...

Have a great lunch out with your friend! I've got a lunch date too.
And I had a very busy weekend too. Just sitting down at my desk for work today was a relief...
Got lots planned tho in my off time.

Jill said...

Busy lady! :-) That chicken and dumplin looks so yummy! Will have to try it! Have a great day!

slugmama said...

My week will be much improved if the days don't swing from 89 degrees to 66 degrees like last week....yuck!lol

My sleep schedule is so screwed up right now it isn't funny!
The amount of cleaning/organizing/etc. I need to do is not funny either.
I just want to go back to bed!!!
Yah, I'm a brat

SonyaAnn said...

I know what you mean about late weekends. My little brother and his girlfriend have been coming over Saturday nights for game night. We stayed up til 3am one night or morning, however you want to look at it. We were all worthless and had a hard time getting back into our sleep patterns for the week!
I wish that Den was as productive as Shawn. You are lucky!

Linda said...

After almost seven weeks of travel, I had a relaxing weekend. My husband took me out on a date then I stayed home. This week, I have to work on my new cookbook. Meridith Publishing wants it in November, so my R&R is over. I just signed up to follow your blog. I will check back and see what you think of the new product and your version of the Chicken & Dumpling Bake recipe.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Yesterday I looked at a house that I might hopefully buy. Today I get my car inspected (cross your fingers that I can pass without major expense). Tomorrow I am going back to look at that house again, taking along an agent this time (my BIL's sister who is an experienced realtor - she's going to be my buyer's agent). Saturday is the annual open house at the local firehouse. They have firetruck rides, displays, freebies, and great FREE food (we give a nice donation).

SonyaAnn said...

How is the sun room coming along?

Lisa B. said...

Did you know we were listed here?...

Annie Jones said...

McVal: Our lunch was great. It was fun to catch up with her.

Jill: Yes, Mary's recipe is SHOULD try it.

Sluggy: Just today?

SonyaAnn: And I wish we had friends up for game night.

Linda: Thanks for following. Glad you got to rest after so much traveling.

CJ: Crossing my fingers for you on the house.

SonyaAnn (again): Ahahahaha! What sunroom? ;)

Lisa B: I had no idea! Thanks for the link.

Shelli said...

I'm catching up on this Sunday, so I can't really remember my weekend of last...But, I'm having a good weekend this weekend. Jason and I had our anniversary mid-week, so we celebrated by going out to dinner last night (thanks to a gift certificate from his mother) and then home to watch a movie (from Netflix as well). Today will probably be a little bit of cleaning and watching football. You know how I LOVE football. Even if it isn't my Vikes playing.