Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Picture-Free Edition

How was you're weekend? Ours was fairly typical for us. After a hard first-week back at school, Kat said she didn't want to go anywhere on Saturday, and I was inclined to agree. Shane was able to work some overtime hours again, so Kat and I stayed home nearly all day, only making a quick trip to the library just before it closed for some books and kids' movies.

Yesterday I felt especially tired when I got up and told Shane I wasn't going to knock myself out doing a bunch of work around the house, then proceeded to do a bunch of work anyway. I straightened up most of the house, changed the sheets on both our bed and Kat's, washed two loads of laundry then hung them outside to dry, made lunch and cleaned up after, made homemade strawberry ice cream, planned Kat's and Shane's lunches for the week and baked these applesauce bars (sans frosting) to go in them, brought the laundry in and put it away, helped Kat with a couple of craft projects, cooked supper and cleaned up after, paid bills online, and bandaged Kat's American Girl doll's "broken" arm (she hurt it doing gymnastics). I somehow managed to help Kat with her bath and get my own shower in there, as well as watch half a movie with Shane, before I finally went to bed again. I guess I wasn't as tired as I thought I was.

This week I'll probably be posting several recipes, including a how-to for bean burritos that Lisa B. requested. I'll be out shopping -- or at least looking -- for a new camera; ours is on the fritz and there was one in yesterday's ads that I'm considering buying. Also, I'll be posting an update on our homemade soap. We used the last of the handcrafted soap we bought at the health food store and started using a bar of our own yesterday. I think I'll wait until the end of the week to form my opinion, get Shane's input, and let you know what we think of it.

Of course, if I run out of things to do (ha!), there are always tomatoes to deal with. We brought in about 80 tomatoes over the weekend. We gave some to our neighbors and some to our city councilman who stopped by for other reasons and the rest we just cut the stem ends out of and put in the freezer whole. One day I'll start canning what's frozen, but for now, that's the quickest way for us to deal with them.

That's a look at what I have going this week. How 'bout you?

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McVal said...

wow! You did have a busy weekend! I went church cleaning with Meri, then shopped. Surprise birthday party for Saturday.
For Sunday, church, then drove 2 hours each way to a viewing of the mother of a friend. Then vegged... No laundry done until this morning.

Frances said...

You were so busy! I need a nap.

I wish I lived close to you...I would buy some of your tomatoes. I was just thinking that we have to go get some so I can make some salsa this summer. We are out of the milder stuff I made and I can't eat the hot stuff, so I have had to buy some.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I loved opening that link for the applesauce bars and seeing that picture of Dan. He didn't even look innocent at 9 months old.

This is the last week before school. The summer was not our finest - I didn't take a one vacation day that was related to a sick child. So I may take Friday off. Today the boys went to an amusement park with their Dad so I got to work early. Wednesday Nick and I have dentist appts so I have to leave work early so that works out.

Thursday is back-to-school night.

SonyaAnn said...

And once again I'm tired just reading your post. I'm always so glad when I get more done than I had hoped for on the blah days.

Shelli said...

It was a somber weekend for us. We brought Emily up to college. Daddy was a little sad the rest of the weekend. We did the gym thing and hung out and watch the Vikings last night. Pretty boring. Of course there was laundry and dinners and stuff in there, too.

Jill said...

Your day sounds like mine lately. LOL It seems once I start something i get on a roll and just keep going and going. Not sure where my energy comes from though. Caffeine perhaps?? LOL Recipes look yummy. Have a great week.

Annie Jones said...

McVal: I did four loads total over the weekend. But I didn't have enough for a full load either yesterday or today, so it paid off. :)

Frances: If you lived closer, I'd just give you some tomatoes.

TCJ: That's such a cute picture! BTW, we're all enjoying the applesauce bars. Shane isn't much for caramel-ish things, but they're great without the frosting.

SonyaAnn: Not only do I get more done when I think I'm tired, I also eat more when I think I'm not hungry. What's up with that?

Shelli: Other than taking Emily to school, sounds like a laid back weekend. Nothing wrong with that.

Jill: I agree. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, but once I do, I'm fine the rest of the day.

slugmama said...

This week....let's see.....
Orthodontic Appt.
2 house guests on Monday.
1 house guest until Saturday.
5 errands to get oldest ready to leve for college by Sat.
Desperately need groceries asap!
Laundry piles for 4 people plus oldest and friend bought me bags more of their laundry....wasn't that nice of them?lol
Pool motor died so there is all kinds of drama centered around that this week.
Cleaning up accidents many times a day from sick dog.
Running youngest to music practices.
Dealing with veggies that need picking,canning,freezing,eating, etc.
Trying to come up with blog posts and I've got
At least the fridge is working again, right? ;-)