Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Tuesday Morning Edition

Good morning everyone. Hope all of you had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

We had a very nice trip. On our drive to Arkansas on Friday, we went to a few garage sales and a couple flea markets, ate lunch at a Chinese buffet, then spent the evening in our hotel, swimming in the indoor pool, watching TV and reading.

On Saturday morning, we headed to Eureka Springs. I'm not sure if there was a special event in the area, or if the place has turned into a mini version of Sturgis, but there were motorcycles everywhere. I don't have a problem with bikes or bikers, but at times it was so loud in the downtown area of Eureka that we had to shout to talk to each other. We had fun all the same, and enjoyed a nice lunch at the Basin Park Hotel and did a little shopping. We didn't buy much -- Kat bought a toy or two, Shane bought a t-shirt or two, and I bought pan for making French and Italian bread. Again, we stopped at several flea markets and garage sales on the way there and back (we can't seem to resist them), and that's where we bought our real bargain of the trip, which was a portable DVD player for the van for $35. (Something I'm generally opposed to, but must admit was nice to have on the long drive home.) Of course, we spent the evening back at the hotel, swimming and watching TV, or in my case, reading.

On Sunday, we returned to Eureka Springs via a different route, visiting the War Eagle Mill. We considered the War Eagle Cavern, but thought it was too pricey, so instead we let Kat "pan for crystals" at the gift shop, then moved on to Onyx Cave and toured there. We also located a couple of easy-to-find Geocaches while we were out. We had planned a picnic for lunch, but we left the bread for our sandwiches and also the chips in our room, so we settled for big ice cream cones and ate a huge steak dinner out instead. And you guessed it, we swam, watched TV and read when we got back to the room.

Yesterday morning, we hiked and found three more -- more challenging -- Geocaches in Bentonville, and attempted to visit the Wal-Mart Visitor's Center Museum. I think Wal-Mart is something of a necessary evil for us and most people, but I really did want to see the original five-and-dime version of the store (I love stores like that) and that old red and white truck Sam Walton drove. Unfortunately, it was closed for the holiday, so we left Bentonville and headed north back into Missouri. We stopped and finally had our picnic lunch in a pretty park in Neosho, MO, then drove the rest of the way home, stopping just a few miles from home for one last ice cream treat before the trip was over.

I've put lots of the pictures on a separate blog page. You can click HERE or on the link in my sidebar if you'd like to see them.  (They are loading just fine for me, but if any of you have problems, please let me know.)

Now it's back to reality and trying to settle into new routines for summer vacation. That, and catching up on laundry, will probably take up most of this short week.

And you? How was your weekend and what does your week ahead hold in store?

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Sheila said...

Glad y'all had a good vacation. Some day we will take a vacation just to take a vacation. We had a video player--in the old days--in our van that we drove from Alaska. It sure cut down on the "are we there yet" question. We have traveled many times from LA--where I am from--to southern MO--where Kevin is from but we never stopped in Arkansas. It looks lovely there.

slugmama said...

Well we rocked the back deck yesterday with a crowd of 11-#12 arrived after most had left.
I prepped, cooked, cleaned up afterwards(with little help from others) so I am doing NOTHING today except sit on my fatass!lol

The trip looks like a fun time was had by all, so that makes it a success. I LOVE flatiron buildings and looking at interesting architecture...how fun!
Does that mill sell stone ground fresh flours? Mmmm....I would have loaded up if they do.lol

The SIL-from hell is here until Sat. morning and DH's other brother showed up from SC as well w/out any notice(tho he isn't sleeping here).
Oh goody!!!hahaha
So my week is called "survival". ;-)

thanks for sharing and for the photos

SonyaAnn said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Luck girl!!!
For our trip, the kids are going to be in one car and we will be in another. It might be the best part of the trip!

Frances said...

It looks sounds like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing the pics. I love towns like Eureka Springs! They are so cute.

Leanne said...

Oh that looks like a really lovely weekend. And you packed a lot in too, lets see now, in the same weekend we've done, um, nothing and we've still a whole other day of nothing still to come before School's back:) Eureka looks like a brilliant wee place to visit too.

Tug said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend, and SCORE on the DVD player!

I lived through family in town (as did they - lol) for a 3+ hour high school graduation, so all in all it was pretty good.

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: You really ought to check Arkansas out if you have time. :) Where in MO is Kevin from?

Sluggy: The mill does grind some flours there, but a lot of the stuff was prepacked mixes with the mill's logo on it, and some of the bulk bags of grain were visible and not local (other states, Canada, etc.) Nothing wrong with that, but I can get the same at my local health food store for less.

SonyaAnn: That sounds like a good plan, except Kat is too young to drive. ;)

Frances: I usually prefer to go somewhere I haven't been before, but Eureka is one place I enjoy visiting again and again.

Leanne: It is a great little place. They call it Little Switzerland of the Ozarks because of the way it's nestled into the hills.

Tug: I haven't ever priced one, but I'm sure they cost more than $35 dollars. It has two monitors, too, so another person (or another row of seating) can watch, too. The guy who sold it said he won it at a Christmas party and only used it twice. PS: Glad you survived the family. ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you honeymoon at Redbud Valley Resort? That cabin looks just like our honeymoon cabin!

Annie Jones said...

Jinmo: Yes! In 2000, the cabin was still had country decor, but I think there may have been a fire or something, because their website shows it now has an "Country Safari" theme. Yuck...not my style, at least not in a log cabin.