Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Late June Garden Shots


Spaghetti squash.


Swiss chard, zucchini.

Romaine, peppers, mixed lettuces, tomatoes in foreground.  Acorn squash on fence.

Tiny cucumber.

Bumblebee on acorn squash blossom.


Bowl of beans, zukes and tomatoes.  Also garlic and kohlrabi.

A sign of things to come.

Search & Win


Annie Jones said...

Should anyone wonder what the red stuff is between some of the beds, it's the surface of a running track. Shane was able to get it from a job site; it was destined for the demolition dumpster. I wish we could get more...it's been great for our pathways.

Frances said...

Your garden looks beautiful! As do the veggies from it.

Lisa B. said...

Lookin great Annie! I have two questions...

On my cantaloupe, should I train it to go up a piece of fence?

And what is the deal with the potatoes? I wanna know how to plant them like that, did I miss a post?

Annie Jones said...

Frances: Thank you! :)

Lisa B: We train our squashes/melons onto our fences or onto cattle panels simply to save space. Otherwise they sprawl out into the yard and make it harder to mow the grass.

I don't think I posted specifically about the potatoes, but I got the idea from this post at Down To Earth. You can also just search "growing potatoes in a bin" or bucket, or cage, etc. and you'll get lots of results.

Basically you just layer the seed potatoes with straw, compost and soil, then as they grow, keep adding the layers of material (but not more seed potatoes). At the end of the growing season, we hope to find potatoes all throughout the bins.

Sheila said...

Gorgeous garden shots!! I am really wishing we had planted a garden this year--especially after seeing all your lovely plants.

slugmama said...

Just wondering if you are going to have problems with the squash and such up on fences, once the veggies get big.
Have you done things like melons and squash that way before? I've done little things like cukes on trellises but not heavy squashes that might snap off the vine. Or am I just making trouble where none exists?lolol

It all looks glorious at any rate!

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: Thanks! It's almost overgrown right now. I need to get out there and get some of those greens in. :)

Slugmama: All over the Internet, it says it can be done. But no, we haven't grown squash this way before. We shall see.... :)

Leanne said...

Oh I wish I could grow tomatoes, I really do. I might have another go next and try my very best not to kill them:)

slugmama said...

I hope the squashies 'hang' in there....yes, I said it....lol

Alea said...

I love that you used running track between your garden beds! Your garden looks fantastic! Your garden is definitely going to reduce your grocery bill this summer.