Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - I Must Be Seeing Things Edition

Now be honest.  Am I the only person who sees crap like this?

A buttery fingerprint bird?

Or a smiling gorilla's face in the wood grain of my dresser?

I swear, I just get weirder all the time.  I wonder if I could sell these on eBay?

Anyway, how was your weekend?  Ours was short for me, and shorter for Shane.  Poor guy...worked 12 hours on Thursday (in the rain), 14 hours on Friday (at least it was sunny for a change) and 8 hours on Saturday. I guess I should call him rich guy instead of poor guy -- that's a lot of overtime!  Of course I'm not complaining about the money or that there is a good flow of work for him and the other guys right now.  But I do worry a little when there are so many hours in so few days.  His job is very physically demanding and the breaks are few.

But because he doesn't seem to be happy unless he's up and doing something, he was out in the yard yesterday doing yet more work.  He was just starting on an additional compost bin for us -- using screws instead of nails -- when he ran a screwdriver bit through his thumbnail.  He refused to go to the doctor.  We've been through this kind of thing before and it looks like it will be ok, but we're keeping a close eye on it.  (And yes, he's up to date on his tetanus shots; it's a work requirement for him.)

After I helped him get all of the tools and lumber put away, he found a fridge for us on craigslist, so we went to pick that up and bring it home...screw-driven thumb and all.  It wasn't the refrigerator I wrote about a couple of days ago (the guy who wouldn't measure it for me).  The one we ended up getting was free!  It's a little newer than the one we have in the house, but the wrong color, so out in the garage it will stay.  It will come in very handy this summer when the garden starts producing more.

Speaking of...we were able to cut about a pound of asparagus this year (not bad for it just being in its second year) and so far, we've pulled about 2 dozen radishes and a big handful of snow peas.  I always love the first harvests, no matter how small.

Ours will be a short and busy week this week.  Kat will miss her last day of 1st Grade on Friday because we are leaving for our long weekend getaway on Friday morning.  (I can't imagine she'll miss anything important since it's just a half-day; they've been doing little more than playing at school for the last week anyway.) Between now and then I'll be doing all of my usual chores and also getting everything together so we can pack the van on Thursday evening.  It should be a fun mini-vacation.

For those who sent healing thoughts to my friend Doug, thank you so much.  The last I heard was from his cousin a while after I posted Friday night; she said he'd made a lot of progress that afternoon.  I trust, since I haven't heard anything further from her, that he's continuing to progress with his recovery. 

That's it for me.  What's going on in your world this week?  Do tell.


Kimberly said...

It should be a busy week in my neck of the woods. In addition to the regular demands of work, our blueberry farm has gone into high production - which means the crop is picked daily and the hubby and I spend our evenings transporting it to the packing shed. I hope to make it to the gym a few times this week, get a new tire on my bike, and our eldest niece has a dance recital on Saturday. Whew--I am getting tired just thinking about it.

Hope you have a great week.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Fresh Aspergus!! Our's is finished. But have you tried it in an omlet? Just brown a little bacon ors ausage, add onions, and dice up soem aspergus, fry it just a minute or two, ad eggs, well you know the rest! YUMMY!!!
Have a great week.
Enjoy your trip.

Annie Jones said...

Kimberly: Hi! I'm sorry I haven't been around to your blog for a while...I didn't realize you had a blueberry farm! Also, Joycelen is adorable!!!

OBQ: Ours asparagusis finished now, too. :( I haven't tried it in an omelet yet. I love it every way I have tried it, though, so I'm sure I'll love the omelets, too.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I just found out Friday that the community yard sale is this weekend so I'll be busy working on that all week long. I did get most of the stuff organized over the weekend. They have it on Memorial Day weekend every year yet every year I am taken off-guard since I think it's ridiculous to have it that weekend and I wish they would change it!

Sheila said...

Hope Shane's thumb is doing okay. I would love to have an extra fridge too. We aren't doing much around here this week except for working on the kitchen and dining area. We are still painting and rearranging. Hopefully we will be finished by this weekend. Then it will be on to the laundry room.

Annie Jones said...

CJ: I wouldn't want to have a garage sale on a holiday weekend, either, but my parents do it all the time with great success. And I shop at them on holiday weekends. I guess I just don't want to be tied down to one myself on a holiday.

Sheila: His thumb still looked ok this morning, and only hurts him intermittently. We'll see how it is after a full day of work, though.

Can't wait to see your photos!

McVal said...

Good job on your gardening! And I don't know if the butter print or gorilla face will sell well on Ebay. Maybe if it was the shape of someone famous...

Frances said...

I SAW the bird in the butter print. Does that mean I am weird, too?

Hope Shane's thumb is better soon. I will have a pretty easy week, as I will be in training for 2 full days. Training on something I already know. LOL! It should be a breeze. My boss signed me up. Who was I to say no. Maybe I will learn something new.

I have an award for you at my blog!

Tug said...

I see both things, but never seem to here. Weird?

Hope Shane's thumb made it through the day OK.

I'm getting ready for the family to come in this weekend for my nephew's graduation, so. Shoot me now please?

Anonymous said...

Well, I saw both of those things, so I guess I'll join you in the weird club. I know what you mean about mostly playing this last week of school. It doesn't seem to change in upper grades, either. I get a daily update of 'what movie we saw today' each afternoon - from my soon-to-be high school junior. Really? Is that necessary?

slugmama said...

Almost 3 weeks left in school here....well the last week doesn't count b/c they do NOTHING.grrr

Glad the thumb is better and Doug hopefully is recovering well. Do you know what type of stroke he had?...better for him if it was an ischemic rather than a hemorrhagic one(the type my brother had).

Congrats on the free fridge and that is a darn purty gorilla

My week? Trying to get myself back together and get some things done so I don't feel so overwhelmed...

Annie Jones said...

McVal: Or maybe it has to be on a piece of toast. Much more shippable than my 6-drawer dresser.

Frances: No, you're not weird at all. :) Thanks for the award; I'll swing by to pick it up later.

Tug: Nope. Can't shoot you. You'll just have to put up with family like the rest of us. ;)

Jinmo: For us, these last days are really just to make up for all the snow days. I guess as long as their are warm bodies present, that's all that matters.

Sluggy: Shane's thumb is sore, but it looks like it will heal well with no signs of infection. I really need to try to get back in touch with Doug's cousin. Doug and I had just recently reconnected online; without him being on his computer, I have no real way to get in touch with him right now. :(

Actually, once cleaned up a little, the fridge is prettier than the gorilla. :)

SonyaAnn said...

I see things in the carpet. Faces and all. Just as long as they don't talk to me all is good!

Annie Jones said...

For those who asked, here is an update on my friend Doug (from his cousin):

He continues to improve although I'm sure it's not as quickly as he would like! He will be moved to (local hospital) sometime this week where he will begin rehab. He still cannot talk, so having visitors is frustrating. I will not go see him again until his mom gives me the OK. She did say he is attempting to make more sounds and form words. I think his right side is paralyzed, and I'm not sure what the prognosis is for complete recovery for that side and his speech. He is fine mentally. I think he is out of the woods on this one. I am so thankful he survived.

This is good news overall, although he has a lot of work ahead of him.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.