Friday, May 21, 2010

I Hope He Doesn't Work On Commission

We're in the market for a "new" fridge, which will be a second fridge, or if it's nice enough, will be our in-kitchen fridge and the one we have now will become the extra.  I saw a nice looking side-by-side listed on craigslist this afternoon.  Keep in mind that we've never had a side-by-side, so I don't think my question was unreasonable. Here's the email play-by-play:

Me: Hi. I am interested in more info about your fridge. How wide and tall is it? Also, do the water and ice dispensers work? Thanks for your time. 

Seller (and I use that term loosely):  The water and ice work but need a filter ind idk the width/hight.

Me:  And "idk" if it will fit in the space I have available, so I'll pass and find someone who actually wants my money.

I'm not usually that blunt, but this guy ticked me off.  Not even an offer to measure it for me (after he gets home from work or whatever).   On top of that, text shorthand like "idk" really annoys me.

Hope all of you have a nice weekend...see you Monday!

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Leanne said...

People are just getting lazy now. Seriously how much trouble could it be to just measure the fridge when he got home, or measure it in the first place before listing it.

Plenty more fridges in the sea:)

Annie Jones said...

Leanne: I got a response from him this morning. I was expecting something rude and annoying, and all it said was "Ok cool".

Strange guy.

Tug said...

Wow. So did you find another one?

SonyaAnn said...

I would type WTF but that might bother you! Teasing with love!
I know what you mean about people and stupidity. I got really pissy at the bank because they wouldn't deposit a check. Anna was on the account but not with me. So they gave me crap.I've been going to that bank for over 20 years! What the Hell!!