Thursday, May 20, 2010

Changing Things Up In The Bedroom

Some of you long-timers (if there are any left here) may remember that we had to do a lot of work on our house when we moved in just to make it livable. A little while after that, we did a few things to spruce up our bedroom, but I was just never happy with the wall color in relation to the other colors I had picked out for the room. Those "before" pictures can be seen HERE, on my other blog.

I bought some paint for the bedroom, which sat in our bedroom closet for almost two years before we finally got it out, stirred it back together and used it a few weeks ago.

While we were at it, we added a new comforter set (the only splurge we made from our tax refund), a few new-to-us pieces of wall decor (garage sale finds), a couple of plants, and we spray painted a few things we liked but wanted to be a different color.

If that's not enough, we rearranged the furniture a little, too. This room is a nightmare for furniture placement. There is only one wall that will accommodate our king size bed without having a window behind us, but if we put the bed there, there's no wall that will take our mirrored dresser. So, we have a window behind the bed as always. For the ten years of our marriage, I've slept on the left side of the bed (as you're looking at it from the foot of the bed), but I finally convinced Shane to let me have the right side. Why? So that I can rest against the wall -- not the window -- when I read in bed every night. Although it's what I wanted, who knew it would take weeks to settle into the new arrangement?

I tried to wait for a sunny day, but they've been few and far between lately, so I took the pictures on an overcast day. The room looks better in sunlight, but what the heck. Here are the results:

The wall color is "Arizona Tan" which for all practical purposes
translates to "buttery yellow".

I'd been looking for a new comforter set for months and when I saw this one I knew right away it was the one I wanted, so I bought it on the spot. It was the only impulse purchase I made while Shane was laid off. 

Can you see that he closet doors are a deeper "Arizona Tan"?  That's because the guy in the paint department mixed the pigments into a gallon of the wrong base the first time.  He put it in the "oops" stack and wouldn't sell it to me at the time, but I went back a few days later and bought it for $5, knowing it would be a perfectly-matched trim paint.

Another happy accident.  The original grouping was just going to be the wall placques, but Shane accidentally centered the arrangement wrong.  Instead moving everything (and adding more nail holes), we decided to add a hanging plant. Both this pot and the one on the left in the first photo were spray painted to match other items in the room.

Our furniture is a little crowded, but we did
the best we could with the space we have.

A once black lamp is now Chinese red to fit the
vaguely Asian theme of the room.
Yes, one lamp shade is turned up -- intentionally.

How does this relate to our bedroom?
It's the view from that window behind the bed!

Estimated cost for redecorating this room (again!) - $45 for latex and spray paints and related supplies, $90 for comforter set, $25 for plants and pots = $160

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Sheila said...

Love it. We've never had anything on the walls in our bedrooms in almost 27 years of marriage. I just have no idea of how to decorate. We have a sleigh bed and our bedroom is so tiny that I would love to take the headboard and footboard out but K doesn't want to--of course, I don't know where we would store it if we did take it out!! Great job!!

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: Sleigh beds are pretty! They have one that's part of a bedding display at our local Kohl's right now, and Kat was oohing and aahing over it because she'd never seen one. :) We'd never have room in our little bedroom, though.

Anonymous said...

Ah - another person who thinks new bedding is a "splurge purchase!" I was beginning to think I was the only one. After 20 years of marriage, we are still using the same two quilts and they are really starting to get threadbare, but I just cannot bring myself to part with the $$ it takes to buy something that will last. We have yet to do anything to our bedroom in this house and we have been here for almost 4 years. It's depressingly white.

SonyaAnn said...

Are you for hire? I hate our bedroom but there really isn't anything that I can do about it. Den likes it!
I love when you complete redo a room for so little. And thank you for the pictures, it still floats my boat!

slugmama said...

Very nice and pulled together! It's so hard to do a 'themed' room w/out it screaming the theme and going over to the kitchy side but you've struck a good balance.
And your walls are the same color as my family room walls. I love green in a's so tranquil.

Sure beats dingy pink and smoke!lolol

Sheila said...

I fell on love with sleigh beds the first time I saw one--the only thing is we had a HUGE bedroom when we bought it and now we have a teensy tiny bedroom. We have a king size bed in a full size bedroom!!! Our bedroom is the next to be redone after the kitchen/dining room and laundry room. Can't wait!!

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Darn this post wasn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be judging by the title!

But the room looks very nice.

Lisa B. said...

"Darn this post wasn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be judging by the title!" The title got me too! hahahahaha

"He put it in the "oops" stack
and wouldn't sell it to me at the time, but I went back a few days later and
bought it for $5, knowing it would be a perfectly-matched trim paint."
lmao, good going!

Love what you've done. Great job. I'm in the middle of redoing mine. I need to get the paint. Maybe I'll get it today.

Beth said...

It looks good! I like it.

Annie Jones said...

Jinmo: LOL! Oh, yes, it's a splurge! Except for things like groceries and gasoline, anything more than $30 dollars or so is a big deal around here. :)

SonyaAnn: You can't afford me. ;)

Sluggy: Over the top themes are why Kat is prohibited from having the Jonas Brothers as her bedroom theme. LOL!

Sheila: Our room would be better off with a queen size bed, but I just can't handle that. If I had my way, I'd have MY OWN bed, and maybe my own bedroom. I love my hubby, but I definitely sleep better alone.

Cookbook Junkie and Lisa B: You know I was baiting you, don't you? ;)

Beth: Thank you very much!

My Frugal Miser said...

I love how you came back to the store to buy the "oops" paint... makes me laugh with one of those knowing "Yup, that's how real misers buy!"

Annie Jones said...

MFM: I still don't understand why they wouldn't let me buy it then. I guess they were worried I did it intentionally, but it wasn't even me who caught the mistake...they paint guy realized it himself. It took about 4 days before they actually put it out for sale.

Tug said...

:-0 Deja vu'.....LOL. Love it.