Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small Steps

This isn't really an Earth Day post, although it could apply if you think of it that way.

It's about taking small steps toward being the person you want to be in terms of your finances, your health, your simple lifestyle or whatever it may be that you want to change about yourself.

All-out makeovers are overwhelming. It can hard to begin recycling those plastics, glass bottles, newspapers and aluminum cans all at once. It's can be financially difficult to overhaul your diet in one fell swoop. It can be time consuming, at first, to get into the habit of hanging your laundry and using cloth diapers or cloth napkins. For some of us, it can be nearly impossible to stop and smell the roses and appreciate each day.

It's easy, though, to change just one thing. Begin by recycling just aluminum cans. Hang one load of laundry a week for starters. Give up just one type of junk food for the first week or month. Take a coffee or tea break each day, even if you have a mountain of work to do.

Then, once that behavior becomes a good solid habit, add another. You're less likely to be overwhelmed and more likely to succeed.

Today I'll be buying my first couple dozen eggs from a local farmer. It's a small step primarily aimed at improving our diet, but it will also help the farmer a little and may eventually keep some eggs from being shipped to my store from dozens or even hundreds of miles away.

I'll also be taking time to sit down for an hour or so to enjoy working on an afghan.

What small step will you take today?


Doug Robertson said...

Fantastic post, Annie!! Wish I could take credit for writing that one.

Sheila said...

Great post. I think that is the main reason I don't do so well in the budget or exercise department--I tend to go all out and expect things to get done immediately. Our budget sucks and when I start exercising, I usually end up getting hurt because I do too much at once. I need to remember--BABY STEPS--and just maybe I'll succeed.
Thanks for such a thought provoking post.
My small step today--knitting!!

slugmama said...

I hope you enjoy those farm eggs!

As for me, today I'm going to brew some sun tea, cook a pork loin in the slow cooker, hang out some laundry on the deck. Then I'll sit on my swing and enjoy the warm weather and sip that tea while I watch the clothes dry.
Domestic bliss....

Frances said...

Excellent post, Annie Jones!

I don't know what I need to change. I guess I am perfect!

(I wish!)

Miranda said...

Great info! You'll love those eggs. Hoping I can get some this weekend. Today I am painting part of my craft room with paint I already have. Yesterday I used a thrifted sheet and some given-to-me fabrics to make some accessories. Just not in the budget to buy new... too many other places I would rather spend the dollars.

SonyaAnn said...

This post is perfect!!!!! I wanna be you. So are you saying that you will lose a few pounds for me?;)

Cathy said...

You are going to love your eggs. We have been eating eggs from local farmers for several years now and absolutely love them.

Today my son and I watched Food, Inc. Very scary. Buying your eggs from a local farmer is one great way we can make a difference.