Friday, April 16, 2010

Rainy Friday

After all the snow we had earlier this year, followed by a few rainy weekends, the precipitation seems to have stopped.  It's supposed to rain today, though, and I hope it does, because we used the last of the water in our rain barrels yesterday and had to move the hose to the house spigot to finish the job.

Most of our veggies survived the transplant from house to garden, but they aren't really thriving.  I'll have to do some research to see what's going on.  But we must be doing something right.  The man with the best looking lawn on the street stopped Shane as he was driving by to tell him that our yard is really coming along in a hurry this year.

Thanks neighbor, who lives in the yellow house across the street and nine houses up!  Sorry, but we don't even know your name.

Sheila had requested I post another picture of our red bud tree after it leafed out.  It hasn't quite started to get leaves, but here it is at is floral peak a few days ago.

Here is our little white bud we planted late last summer. It has a lot of blossoms for such a small tree. 

And here's our crab apple. When we moved in four years ago, it was barely as tall as the gutters. Now it's well above the roof line.

We also have two small dogwoods that we planted last year. They only have about 10 blossoms each, but they will be so pretty when they are bigger. I think dogwoods are probably my favorite ornamental trees. We also have a golden rain tree, but it doesn't get it's blossoms until late spring or early summer.


Sheila said...

Thanks for the shot of the redbud tree--that isn't what we have so I'll have to keep looking!! Love all your trees--they look great. I'll have to look up a golden rain tree--not sure what that looks like. I have a HUGE mimosa--one of my most favorite of all trees that won't bloom for a while yet either. I love it because it becomes covered with bees and butterflies when in bloom.
You yard does look great.

SonyaAnn said...

Your yard looks great. So when you have a moment, why don't you fix our mess of a yard! It's not even past the point of frost here so I shouldn't complain.
Have a great weekend!

Tug said...

What beautiful trees! I have one outside my sliding glass doors that attract bees - seriously the inside of my doors were COVERED with them. The apt. complex office says.......oh, they're not harmful, they're lethargic. :-(

What a great neighbor as well - it's nice to hear good things instead of all the negative; I'm glad he stopped Shane to comment!

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: Golden rain trees have yellow sprigs of flowers that look kind of like forsythia late in the spring. In the fall, they have reddish-brown seed pods that look vaguely like Chinese lanterns.

SonyaAnn: We really haven't done anything to improve our grass yet. Doesn't seem like much of a priority since we can't eat it..LOL!

Tug: I remember you writing about your bee problem. Whatever happened with that?

Tug said...

They won't do anything about it, so I'm sure they'll be back. :-(