Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Octopuseses Make My Head Hurt

I've been wearing my hair up in one of these octopus clip thingies for the last few days and now my head is really sore. Almost too sore to touch. I guess it's time for a new style for a few days.  It's either that or shave my head.

On a somewhat related and less painful note, my new doctor prescribed a beta-blocker to help prevent migraines. So far, so good. It's been 23 days since the last migraine. Yes, I am counting. You would, too, if you had migraines.  There were a few times -- like in the middle of last night -- when it felt like one was coming on, but each just disappeared! It's a little early to tell, but this stuff might really be working. 

On a totally unrelated note, today is my dad's 78th birthday!  He's a very young 78 at that.  He told me on his 75th birthday that he'd finally hit the halfway point.  Judging by the way he's always on the go, he may just be right.  He doesn't read this blog, but I'll wish him a Happy Birthday anyway.  :)

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Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. I hope he has a wonderful day.
I know what you mean about counting the days since your last migraine. I do the same thing. The beta-blocker really helped me. I don't think the headaches I have been getting lately were migraines. Looking back on it, the pain was more intense but the other symptoms weren't there. I think they were from stress this time. I pray they continue to work for you. Have a great day.

Frances said...

That kind of hairclip hurts my head too.

I am so glad the migraine medication is working. I used to have migraines regularly. My grandmother had them and my mom and one sister do, too. I thought I was just destined by heredity to suffer, though my doc gave me some medication that cut them pretty short.

Then I quit my highly stressful job and never had another migraine! It was like a miracle!

Heidi said...

I have to wear my hair up every day at work because I'm a lunch lady. I have waist length hair and I have to wear two clips in it... but it still hurts :(

SonyaAnn said...

Please tell your dad Happy Birthday from me!
And just be honest, your head is sore from all the hair pulling!
And I had migraines for years so I know your pain!LOL. I got a mouth guard and never had another, knock on wood!

McVal said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!
and I'm glad you got some meds to help you out!

Tug said...

YAY for the migraine help, that's AWESOME!

Happy birthday to your dad. ;-)

slugmama said...

I too use those big hair clip things. I get headaches from them if I leave them in too long(more than 1/2 an hour), tho mine are NOT migraines.

Please do NOT shave your head. It is a 'good' look for very few people. #1 son got 'bored' last week and decided to shave his facial hair(of which he had tons!)and his head. He now looks like a giant penis(no, I am NOT kidding!) and is so regretting this stellar idea. He has about a month to get it grown back before he starts his summer job...ha....good luck with that.
You do not want to be rocking the Susan Powter look, do you?lolol

Glad the meds are working. Nothing puts you out of commission doing ANYTHING like chronic pain(well migraines come and go but the pain is chronic anyway in my book).

And be sure and tell your dad some strange people he's never met wish him well on his birthday and also on the next 72 years! ;-)