Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Blogger-To-Blogger Meet Up!

Lisa B. from Easy Frugal Living lives in the southern part of our county, while I live on the northern edge.  Today I had reason to be in our county seat, which is is in the middle, so I emailed Lisa and asked her if she'd like to get together for a quick "meet and greet".

We spent a little over an hour visiting over coffee.  I had a great time and Lisa is just a friendly and down to earth in person as she seems on her blog.

She's makes a mean Baked Ziti, and has an amazing talent for turning ordinary household objects into decor for her home.  If you haven't check out her blog, you should!


LisaB said...

Annie, Thank you for inviting me. I had a great time talking with you. Although I was nervous and felt like you may have thought I was a ditz. lol

We'll have to do it again sometime.

Annie Jones said...

LOL! You didn't seem nervous at all and in no way did I think you were a ditz!

We may even have to meet at the same place...their coffee was good!

Lisa B. said...

I just want you to know, I brought that muffin home and tried to eat it here and everytime I took a bite I started coughing my head off! There was something about the texture of it, or a spice in it, or something that set my cougher off Annie! lol My son ended up eating it.

I agree, we'll have to meet again for some more chit chat.

Annie Jones said...

Odd that it would do that to you at the coffee shop AND when you got home, too. Do you think you are allergic to something in it?