Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Lucky Day

Remember yesterday I wrote that I don't often eat breakfast?  Well, guess what I did today?  I went out to eat breakfast.  It's a special occasion, after all.  Yes, it's St. Patrick's Day, but that's not it.  School's out today for teacher development, but that's not it, either.  Today I got to meet McVal from Sew Not My Day!

McVal and her family were passing through my town on their way to a spring break family vacation in Branson, MO.  They stopped on their way so we could meet over breakfast at IHOP.

What a fun way to start the day! Too bad I left my camera on the TV on my way out the door.  McVal remembered hers, though, so you'll just have to wait for her to post the proof. :)

And now, I'm off to take my post-breakfast nap.  No surprise there.


Sheila said...

I love to read about meet-ups. I would love to be able to meet some bloggers some day. Hope you enjoyed your nap!

Frances said...

How exciting!! Can't wait to see pics!

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: I've been lucky enough to meet a few of my blog friends, and I also have some friends I knew from before they started blogging. :)

Frances: It was fun! :)

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

What a great way to start your day! I haven't met any fellow bloggers, but I look forward to it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

SonyaAnn said...

Two of my favorite bloggers and I missed out!

Doug Robertson said...

I'm not sure if I'd want to meet my fellow bloggers. Some I have communicated with for so many years I have formed my own idea of what they're like, it would just be startling finding out I've been totally off-base what they would be like in real life. But I'm just weird... glad you enjoyed your breakfast out with McVal, though!

Annie Jones said...

Brandi: Maybe I'll come visit you someday. I've never been to your part of the country.

SonyaAnn: Didn't you get your invitation. ;)

Doug: For me, I've had more misconceptions about people I thought I knew before I read their blogs or Facebook updates. Probably my own fault for thinking someone I knew as a child or in high school or whatever would be the same now as they were then. I know I'm sure not.

slugmama said...

What fun!
I know ya'll have a blast together...color me green with jealousy.