Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday morning!  Hope all of you had a nice weekend.

- After all the layoff days in January and February, Shane actually got in eight hours of overtime on Saturday!  Kat was off with her mom, so I decided to shut the computer down for a few hours, crank up the MP3 player and kick some housework butt.  I got quite a bit done, then Shane came home and messed everything up.

- Instead of being worn out by his extra workday, he seemed energized.  We made a quick run to Big Lots to pick up some flower pots, then while I cooked a wonderful shrimp dinner (I'll be posting about it tomorrow), he re-potted all of our houseplants.  Then we ate and were too full to want to clean up afterward.

- On Sunday, Shane left the kitchen mess of pots, pans and potting soil to me while he went and hauled horse manure first to his bosses house (yes, his boss was asking for it, and no, it wasn't an act of vandalism), then another load to our house.  He spent the afternoon outside doing garden-ly things while I paid bills and finally got around to cleaning the kitchen.

- Today is the start of spring break for Kat.  I'm not sure what we'll come up with for fun this week, but I have a feeling I might not be on the computer as much as usual.   The weather promises to be very nice by mid-week, so I know that one thing we'll be doing is ripping the plastic weather film from our windows and airing out the house.  We may even dig out the sandals.

- Speaking of which, does anyone every use a shoe repair shop anymore?  I bought these Teva sandals two years ago. 

I spent about $50 on them online, after seeing them for about $70 at Cabela's.  I love the way they look, and they're pretty comfy, too, but as you can see, I haven't worn them much.  The tread is hardly worn at all.  That's because they were too wide across the front of my foot and kind of flopped when I walked.  I finally had the bright idea to take them to a shoe repair shop to be altered.  It cost a little more than I expected -- $22 after a 25% discount coupon -- but they fit much better now and I'm looking forward to wearing them A LOT this summer. 

- On the menu this week is this scrumptious-looking burger and fries concoction.  I'll let you know if it turns out as good as it looks.


ThriftyPuppy said...

Good morning, "boss"! (I giggled over your post title, BTW). My goal this week is to get all of our donations organized and out the door. That's if I can put down the jelly and the scrumptious home made bread that we made last night. :-)

It's going to be a beautiful week in KC - going to do any gardening this week? I still need to clear out the beds from last fall!

Annie Jones said...

ThriftyPuppy: LOL...I changed the title while, but maybe the old one is still showing up in readers. I was afraid it wouldn't make anyone giggle. I wasn't always happy when I had to go to Monday staff meetings. :)

Yes, I'm sure gardening will be part of the plan this week. I can't wait for the warm weather!

Sheila said...

Good morning.
I'm glad Shane was able to get some overtime--I know it means a lot to both of you for him to be back at work.
I so need to repot my houseplants-the only problem is every time I but me a bag of potting soil, Kevin or Sara uses it for their plants--some day I'll buy 2 bags at once!!!
Kevin and I love shrimp but my kids don't so I don't cook it often--and I hate to pay what I have to in the store after living in LA and going shrimping on our own or having the ability to buy it right after someone comes in from the gulf.I have been hungry for shrimp so maybe I'll have it soon.
I need a shoe repair shop--funny how you often post of things I have been thinking of!!
Enjoy your spring break with Kat. We are supposed to be almost 80 by the end of the week-can't wait!!

SonyaAnn said...

"(yes, his boss was asking for it, and no, it wasn't an act of vandalism)"-I love just to stop over and see what you have come up with!
Anna and DJ are off this week too. I may choke the boy. He is making me nuts already!
It looks like we might hit 60 here in the ubber warm state of IL this week. I'm thinking that the cars need to be cleaned!
Have a great week!

Candy said...

You make me smile! Have a great week.