Friday, February 26, 2010

Feels Like Friday The 13th. Or A Monday At The Very Least

I just came back to watch that video I posted, because I need a smile. It's been an aggravating morning.

First, Kat and I got into it because she won't leave our cats alone. There's never a moment of peace for those creatures. Then I drove her to school and realized she'd forgotten her backpack and lunch. Had to swing back home and get that, then take her back to school. Luckily it's less than a mile round-trip.

I left school, drove through our little downtown area, and was sitting at a stop sign waiting to pull out onto one of the main streets when I got rear-ended. No one was hurt. The lady behind me apologized profusely and said she was just not paying attention and let her foot off the brake. I'm not sure if I believe that or not, because she hit me hard enough that my drink (iced tea instead of hot coffee, thank goodness) flew out of the cup holder (one of those with adjustable grippy things) and onto the floorboard. That seems a little harder than just rolling from a stop. Anyway, she must have hit the trailer hitch, because there was no visible damage to our van or her car. I took her insurance information just in case, but I don't see anything to report. It did make me mad, though. Mad enough I called her a few choice names before I got out of the van.

I was on my way to the grocery stores, so I went ahead, although part of me wanted to just go home and crawl back in bed. No major mishaps at the stores, but when I made my second stop, I realized I'd written some of Store A's specials on Store B's list and had go back to Store A to get them. Again, it's a small suburb, so it wasn't that big a deal, but it aggravated the hell out of me.

So went my morning. I hope the afternoon goes better. Kat is off to spend the weekend with her mom, so after I get Shane back from the oral surgeon, we're just going to hole up for the weekend and relax. I can hardly wait.


Frances said...

Sorry your morning wasn't better, but yeah for holing up for the weekend!

Sheila said...

I thought my morning was a bad one but I would say you have me beat. Sorry you had such a bad start to the day--hopefully the rest of the day and the weekend will be much better. There must be something in the air because Kevin called me from work--twice--to tell me about his horrible day too. Good luck and I hope Shane has as easy a time with his wisdom teeth removal as I had with mine. I had a whopper for supper the day I had all 4 of mine out--I know I shouldn't have but I was hungry and Kevin doesn't cook!!

SonyaAnn said...

Yup, that was an extra helping of crap! Don't you wonder what you did to deserve that.
Take one of Shane's pills when you get back. That should take care of everything. J/K but it is an idea!

Beth said...

Aw man! What a crappy way to start your Friday. I hope the rest of your weekend is full of lost of rest and relaxation :)

Annie Jones said...

Thanks, ladies. Things ARE going better today, at least for me. Shane might disagree, though.

Leanne said...

I don't blame for wanting to crawl back into bed. I've had a few mornings like that myself over the years and there is very little worse than dreading what will happen in the afternoon.