Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There's 104 Days of WINTER Vacation...

How long can Winter Break legally last? Ok, if not legally, then ethically?

We're on day 15 here. School was supposed to have started back yesterday, but it was closed because of extreme cold and, I suppose, because there may still be some side streets that are slick with snow. It's closed today because of extreme cold and more snow in the forecast. It will very likely be closed tomorrow and Friday because of "dangerously cold" temps.

So, Kat's been home for 15 days and Shane's been home for 14 of those days. I'm just not used to all this family togetherness. It's a lot for someone like me (i.e., introvert, loner, antisocial, borderline recluse) to take.

Are you really that tired of winter vacation, you ask?

Why, yes. Yes I am.


A.Marie said...

FIFTEEN DAYS???? Just how cold is it there?

It has gotten down to negative 9 degrees here,

alot of the rural roads are slicker than slick,

the pipes broke in the school over the weekend,

the school is so cold that there is ice on some of the inside windows at the school

(depending on where you are at in the school),

and we haven't closed yet.

It seriously takes something like 25 below, freezing rain, ice, sleet, snow, with Hurricane-strength winds blowing to close our school!

Here's hoping that school starts SOON! I totally know what you are talking about...I like being alone throughout the day. I get more done that way! :)

Annie Jones said...

A. Marie: 15 days, but that's counting the scheduled winter break that was 13 days long. We had one snow day in the middle of December and two this week so far. We'll probably have two more this week.

I think each state, and even each district, does things differently when it comes to closings. It seems that here in Missouri we are more generous with the days off. However, today many of the schools on the Kansas side of the line are closed, too. Some of those almost never shut down, but they did today.

Annie Jones said...

Oh, you also asked how cold it is. Today it's a balmy 15 or so. LOL.

By Friday morning, they are forecasting windchills in the -30s.

Sheila said...

I feel for you--I know well the introvert, loner and borderline recluse feelings. I am more than content to do things alone in my own time. I get frustrated when Kevin is home and he tries to change my schedule. We are freezing over here in North Carolina too--it's been in the low teens at night and we finally broke 30 yesterday for a high!! WOOHOO!!!I hope things warm up for all of us soon.

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: To be quite honest, it hasn't been as bad as I expected it to be. That's not to say it's been entirely good, but at least I haven't been pulling my hair out by the handfuls.

I've been rationing them to just one a day. ;)

Annie Jones said...

Just got the call that school's out the rest of the week. No surprise there.

SonyaAnn said...

I don't know if we could all stay in the house together for that long. I think it is safe to say that someone would get hurt here! Yuck, I don't even want to think about spending that much time with them. Said with love of course! Good luck!

Annie Jones said...

SonyaAnn: It's all just becoming one big blur. I don't even know what day it is half the time. LOL!

A.Marie said...

Today is a balmy 18 degrees out, but I'll hold off on digging out my short! HA!

No school today due to all of the snow; it must really be nasty out there if OUR school cancelled! :)

A couple of years ago, it was like this outside, but even nastier, because the winds were really kicking up the snow. As usual, our school hadn't cancelled, even though every school around us had closed. I started getting everyone up and ready and about 6:45, the call came that they were cancelling.

The only problem with this whole scenario was that the busses had already been picking students up and they had to turn around and take those same students back home.

Unfortunately, some of the parents had already left for work and thinking that there was school, didn't know that little Johnnie or Susie was being brought back home. Yup. You guessed it. The kids came back home to an empty house.

Parents were FREAKING OUT when they found out. Imagine your little preschooler or kindergartener coming home to an empty house.

The School really had a PR mess to deal with!