Thursday, January 14, 2010

Product Review, Coming Right Up!

I was recently contacted by the Promo Team asking if I’d like to review name plaque or other mailbox accessory, or an entirely different type of product from one of their other web-based stores. There are more than 200 stores under the umbrella, so I had a lot of fun looking through their merchandise.

Anyone who reads here or knows me in person won’t be surprised that I decided to review a product from their site. I won’t say much about it now, just that I’ll be trying out and writing about a product I’ve never used but have always wanted to try. I’m excited and will be watching my mailbox for its arrival. Stay tuned for my review within the next couple of weeks!

Disclaimer: In the interest of transparency, when I do product reviews on my blog, I will always indicated whether or not I was compensated in any way (cash or merchandise) or if I’m sharing my views without compensation. In either case, the opinions I express are entirely my own. Your opinion may be different.


Together We Save said...

I love doing reviews!! I think it is so fun to try new things.

SonyaAnn said...

WOW, you are famous! If they are asking for a review, you know you made it!!

Karen said...

I am interested now to see what you get!

Annie Jones said...

TWG: Me, too!

SonyaAnn: Maybe infamous would be a better word choice.

Karen: It's supposed to arrive Wednesday. When I'll get the review done is another story entirely. :)