Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Snow

We had another couple of inches of snow overnight. The official snow fall total since Christmas Eve is somewhere between A LOT and TOO MUCH.

This doesn't bode well for Shane's return to work.

I've never been a big fan of snow and I think we've had more than enough for this season. But even I have to admit that while it's still new-fallen, it's awfully pretty and peaceful outside.


Janelle said...

Yes, it's pretty, but I am seriously DONE with it! Sadly, it isn't going anywhere with these record low temperatures, either. I wonder if the kids will even be able to go back to school this week!

Annie Jones said...

How much do you think you got in your part of town? I think we got at least 8" on Christmas Eve/Day and another couple that week and probably 3" last night. Maybe more, all together. But our streets were all clear and dry up until this morning.

I don't even know if our school closes for cold temperatures. We were closed one day with really cold temps and barely an inch of snow, but I never did find out if it was the snow or temps that caused the closure.

I guess we'll find out...Kat's and Shane are supposed to go back to school/work on Tuesday. I think it's much more likely she'll get to go than him. :(