Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Okay, so is it just me, or now that it's December 26, are there others out there who are ready to take down their Christmas tree?

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not really Mrs. Grinch. I like Christmas, and I like having the tree up (yesterday's post in shades of purple was from our tree this year), but our tree is very large at the base, taking up much of any room it's in. Two or three weeks of side-stepping and circumnavigating is about all I can handle.

I'm also ready to put away all the holiday knick-knacks and get back to normal. Those ads you see right out after Christmas for storage totes and organizing bins? Those ads are aimed right at me. They tempt me far more than the before-Christmas ads do. Spring cleaning begins the last week of December around here.

You shouldn't get the impression that I'm a neat-freak or a perfectionist, either. It's the holiday clutter that gets to me. There is plenty of dirt, dust and everyday clutter in my home. I just don't feel the need draw any more attention to it with tinsel and lights.


Leanne said...

My tree will probably be up until after New Year's Day though I'll be starting to pack away all the other bits and bobs before then, especially in the kitchen and hallways, I need those spaces back asap:)

A.Marie said...

I am right with you! So is my twin sis! We like decorating and all, but after Christmas, all of the lights and decorations just seem gawdy and tacky! My twin had her tree down by last evening...I am not so organized...mine is still up but little by little last evening, and now this morning, I am putting some Christmas stuff away.

I LOVE those organizational totes and bins...those ads just call to me, loud and clear, "Buy Me! I WILL make your life better!" HAHA! :)

Sarah said...

I wasn't a big fan of really decorating to begin with, so I am pretty excited to take everything down. Then again, all of our decorations fit into one tote still, so it will take about 10 minutes :)

SonyaAnn said...

My tree was down on the 26th. I'm standing right next to you on this one. The house seems so much bigger and cleaner with it all gone!

A.Marie said...

Just came by to say "HI!" I thought of you when I was looking at some ads yesterday. They were advertising organizational totes and shelves at 50% off and I almost jumped into the van and drove there. I want more totes! YES! :)

Annie Jones said...

Leanne:'s about the space as much as anything.

A.Marie: So, did you give in and buy more totes? :)

Sarah: Honestly, I'm not a big fan of holiday decorating, either. I'd rather just do seasonal themes (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) instead of holiday specific decorations.

SonyaAnn: My mom and my sis both took their trees down on Christmas afternoon! I would never do that. But I thought about it. ;)