Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Talk

I can't believe it's September already! We've had a mild summer here in the Kansas City area and there's already a hint of autumn in the air, so I decided it was time to change my template to something more fall-like. I hope it's not too drastic a change. BTW, the picture in the header is of one of our maple trees from last year. They're still green and lush right now.


We've had a lot of ups and downs around here lately. My daughter and her husband adopted a dog a week ago Sunday, and the following day, my daughter fell while walking it and broke her leg. She spent most of Tuesday here with me while she figured out how to get around with as little pain as necessary.

On Friday I finally went in for all the dental work I needed done. It (mostly) went well. I wasn't as sedated as I'd been for previous appointments like this, so I remember a lot of what was happening, but didn't really care. That is until something happened with the root canal. To simplify things, the filling they put back into the tooth after the root has been removed somehow got into the inflamed tissue below the tooth. Sedated or not, THAT was painful and required more Novocaine and also a prescription for Vicodin to take later. I'm glad to say that it's resolved itself now and all that's left for me is to go back in three weeks to get my permanent crowns. That's not painful, so I won't need sedation for that appointment.

After spending a quiet weekend at home, Shane's truck broke down on the way home from work yesterday. We aren't sure what's wrong with it yet; the mechanic will have to try to work it into his schedule in the next day or two. Shane's work requires a lot of tools (two large tool boxes in the back of the truck). They're heavy and dirty, so he never wants to pet them in our our van and drive it for work. We are fortunate in that Shane's dad is retired and doesn't need his truck daily; we were able to borrow it for as long as we need it. But we definitely don't need the expense of a truck repair. Hopefully it won't be too costly, and unless it's a very serious problem, we should be able to pay for it without putting any of it on the credit card.


I'm very much looking forward to camping this coming weekend. We all need the break. We're going to Crowder State Park near Trenton, MO. We've not camped there before and it's always fun when we explore a new park. The park is also near Jamesport, MO, which has a fairly large Amish population. This is exciting for me, because I love going to their bulk grocery and craft stores. We'll be spending a good part of Saturday doing just that.

This will probably be our last camping trip of the season. Every year we say we'd like to make a final trip later in the fall when the leaves have turned, but once again, it looks like that probably won't happen.


Hope all of you have a good week!


Frances said...

I'm glad you got the bulk of your dental work done. LOL! at the not caring that it hurt. That's what my hubby says when given Demerol. LOL!

Enjoy your camping trip!! My MIL camps year round. Of course, we don't actually have much winter weather, so it is a little different here.

Mary said...

Hi! Popping over from Heidi's blog after I saw your comment about the spaghetti sandwiches. I used to do that too!! It's been so long since I've thought about that.

Oh my gosh those Pork C'Bobs down there look incredible. I love Country Bob's and have already won bottles so I won't enter, but I am definitely going to be visiting here (and your index) again so I'm following you now! That always sounds so stalkish.

Thanks for the memories and have a great week!

Annie Jones said...

Frances: We'd probably camp year 'round, too, if we could.

Mary: Hi and thanks for stalking me :). Seriously, I'm glad you're here and have decided to follow my blog. You've given me a good reminder that I need to update my index when I have some spare time. (ROFL at the idea of spare time...)