Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is There Such A Thing As Car Lag?

We drove about three hours south of here for the weekend -- no time zone change, and definitely no jet involved -- but my butt is still dragging after our trip. Admittedly, I didn't sleep well at my sister's house, and our two-day vacation did involve a lot of walking and a couple of late nights, so I'm not surprised I was tired. I'm just surprised I'm still tired. I spent most of yesterday afternoon napping on the recliner, and would like to do that again today, but I have too much else to get done.

It rained most of the day while we were at Silver Dollar City, but that didn't dampen our fun.

You know we can't take a trip without me talking about the food. Here's a quick picture of our lunch at "the City". Fried chicken, catfish, potatoes and gravy and about 20 other home-cooked delights.

Do you like peanut brittle? I don't really care for it, but I'm loving this Black Walnut Brittle from Silver Dollar City. I'm not positive, but I think they make it right there in the candy shop.

On our way home we stopped at Smith's Restaurant in Bolivar, MO. It's a nice place with vintage automotive decor, excellent service, reasonable prices and delicious food. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of the tenderloin on Shane's plate. It covered his plate! I had blackened chicken Alfredo pasta that would give any Italian restaurant a run for its money. Too bad we didn't have room for some of their homemade pies and cobblers. They had a list of about 20 different flavors, including another black walnut treat...black walnut pie (like pecan pie, but made with walnuts).

We're always up for trying a new place to eat, but this is the kind of restaurant we'll actually plan to eat at again. You should give it a try if you're ever in the area.

P.S. Although I seriously doubt she reads this blog, I would like to thank the nice lady who just walked up and gave us a ticket to get Kat into the park. That was a very kind and generous thing for her to do.


A.Marie said...

Ohhhhh....that looks soooo good! I'm glad you all had a nice time! :)

Annie Jones said...

A.Marie: We had a great time! I'm glad we did, because that's probably our last big outing for a while.