Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly Menu - August 30 through September 5

I've had a busy last few days and have a busy week ahead of me. We're going camping again over Labor Day weekend (which may or may not be our last camping trip of the season) so I'll stay occupied getting ready for that. I have some recipes to share with you later this week, a couple of product reviews and a give-away, so stay tuned. For today, though, just this quick menu.

Sunday, 8/30 - Grilled Pork Kabobs, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans, Pickled Beets

Monday, 8/31
- Pasta with Italian Sausage, Corn, Garlic Toast, Homemade Pickles

Tuesday, 9/1
- Pork Fajitas, Peaches, Salad

Wednesday, 9/2
- Leftovers from the pasta and fajitas meals.

Thursday 9/3
- Chicken Salad Tortilla Wraps, Salad, Applesauce, Homemade Pickles

Friday 9/4
- Heading to camp after work. It's a couple hours away this time, so we'll probably pick up drive-thru.

Saturday 9/5
- Camping. The plan is for grilled bacon cheeseburgers on Saturday night


A.Marie said...

Thanks for the great meal ideas...I have hit a dead end road with my supper-time ideas, so I am going to borrow some of yours! :)

The grilled bacon cheeseburgers sound wonderful....

Kimberly said...

Those meal ideas sound yummy. I think they will be working their way into my rotation - if I can ever get back on track with cooking meals at home.