Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekly Menu - July 5 through July 11

When people talk about the lazy days of summer, I can't relate. It seems our summers are always far busier than the rest of the year. Between camping, working on projects we can't do (or don't want to do) in cooler weather, having Kat home from school, having family picnics and birthday parties, and gardening, there's little time for downtime.

This week I'm going to try to be a little lazier than usual. Some of our recent meals made enough extra for me to put a meal-sized portion or two in the freezer. I'm going to rely on those frozen meals for our dinners this week. All I'll need to do is add a fruit, veggie or salad. Now that's lazy!

Sunday, 7/5 -Ham and Beans with Corn Muffins

Monday, 7/6
- Chicken Azteca in Flour Tortillas (burrito-style)

Tuesday, 7/7
- Tourtiere Burgers on Buns

Wednesday, 7/8
- Chicken Azteca in Flour Tortillas (chimichanga-style)

Thursday, 7/9
- Ham and Beans with Corn Muffins

Friday, 7/10
- Fish Sticks with Mac & Cheese

Not homemade, but from the freezer all the same. And very kid-friendly.
Saturday, 7/11 - Sausage Pancakes with Hashbrowns
This isn't from the freezer. I'd almost forgotten about sausage pancakes until a family friend mentioned on Facebook that he loved it when my mom would make these when we were growing up. They are simple to make; just cook and drain some breakfast sausage, crumble it into very small pieces and toss it into your pancake batter before you cook the pancakes. Yummy!

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I think Wednesday sounds wonderful!!!