Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly Menu - May 31 through June 6

Planning our meals gets harder for me this time of year. Last year, we were members of a CSA group and didn't know what produce we would receive each week. This year, we have our own garden which I plan to supplement with purchases from our local farmers' market; again, I won't usually know what produce we'll be eating ahead of time.

That said, for the next few months, my meal plans will be incomplete. I'll decide on the main dish and probably a starchy side dish, but the fruits and vegetables will be largely unplanned.

BTW, in addition to the radishes and green onion tops, our Swiss chard and collards are just about ready to eat. The lettuces are close, too.

Sunday, 5/31 - Country Style Pork Ribs on the grill, Sour Cream Potato Salad

I didn't have a chance to make these last week as planned.

Monday, 6/1 - Mystery-shopped Pizza

Tuesday, 6/2 - BBQ Pork Sandwiches on Homemade Buns (using Sunday's grilled pork), Sour Cream Potato Salad

Wednesday, 6/3 - Monterrey Chicken, Chicken-Flavored Pasta

Thursday, 6/4 - Leftover Monterrey Chicken in sandwiches made with Homemade Flat Bread

Friday, 6/5 - Miscellaneous Leftovers. If no leftovers, then Cowboy Breakfast Sandwiches

Saturday, 6/6 - Cajun Shrimp Skewers, Caramelized Onion Risotto


Heidi said...

Great sounding menu. I'm digging the cowboy breakfast sandwiches! I loved the tea recipe too. That is a true sign of living in Missouri! We love our tea :)

Annie Jones said...

I plan to try those sandwiches eventually, but it may not be this week. And yes, we do love our tea. :)