Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some Things I Wish Would Just Go Away

This cold.
It's not the flu, swine or otherwise. It doesn't seem to be a sinus infection or bronchitis (yet, anyway). It's just an ordinary cold, but I've had it a week already. As usual, for me anyway, I feel better late morning to early evening, then feel worse again overnight and early in the morning. I sure am glad I splurged on my tea cup. The hot tea is soothing while I sit here and watch

The rain.
Oh, alright. I don't really mind the rain. It's good for the gardens, and I don't get the blues from overcast days like some people do. Besides, I need to work inside today. But I have to say that the rain seems to worsen the problem we're having with

Those little tiny black ones that crawl on your kitchen counters, especially if there is one drop or crumb of anything sweet. Everything we've tried to get rid of them has failed, so I've called in an exterminator for this afternoon. No bugs, guaranteed, for 60 days. We'll see, but I'm going to hold the company to their word and make them come back if the bugs do. After all, this ain't no picnic, and the ants weren't invited.


Charlotte said...

I am having trouble with ants now too. This is the first time I have ever had them invade my house.

John said...

The ants are bad this year. My wife called the exterminator today but they were too busy killing other peoples ants to do our house any time soon. :) We are sick of the rain also ( S.E. Kansas here )Hope you get to feeling better. John

Tug said...

UGH. Ants on TOP of the ick? Sorry to hear that...hope you're feeling better SOON. Also hope you get rids of the ants that are marching one by one hurrah, hurrah. ;-)

A.Marie said...

I have never had ants this bad before, either. We are in Central IL, and they are just everywhere. Hope the exterminators can rid you of this problem! It is just all of this rain that is doing it! Also, your cold might actually be some sort of allergy. I knew a gal that I used to work with that got diagnosed with a mold allergy. It seemed that all of the wet weather makes the mold just go crazy. Feel better soon! :)