Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ours is off to a good start; we've seen quite a bit of growth since I posted photos two weeks ago. That's very encouraging, since we're practicing by-the-seat-of-your-pants gardening.

I just snapped these pictures, so there's some morning shade, but they'll all get full sun for several hours before the day's done. And a good watering, although the soil is not nearly as dry as it looks.

This bed is the home to green beans, onions, radishes, very recently planted beets (they're just now coming up) and cucumbers.

The second bed is planted with zucchini (which, as expected, is growing more quickly than everything else; we'll have to add a piece of fencing for it to climb soon), rainbow chard, mixed lettuces, green bell peppers, and green leaf lettuce. You can also see one of our upside tomatoes in the foreground.

The third bed is growing spinach, banana peppers, collard greens and tomatoes.

Now that almost everything is well established, it's time to put down some kind of mulch. I probably won't be able to get to that until next week.

Finally, here's a grouping of pots on our deck: Two succulents (hens & chicks and everlasting), lavender, two kinds of thyme, basil, oregano and cilantro. Some of the herbs are doing much better than others.


Cathy said...

Congratulations!!!! I have only attempted a garden once. Someday I will be ready again.

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful!

Leanne said...

Its coming aloong really well in just two weeks. I've still to start over again. I think I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get out in the rain otherwise it'll never get done:)

A.Marie said...

Oh, your upside down tomato plant reminds me of my old neighbor man who used to do this. I couldn't believe what he was doing, so I walked across our backyards to get a closer glimpse of it. It looked funny, but you know, he got wonderful tomatoes that year and I didn't get anything! Guess who was laughing at the end of the season!! :)

Sharon said...

If you haven't mulched yet, I highly recommend Back to Earth. The only place you can find it is at Rosehill Gardens. It's about $5 a bag, but it enriches the soil as it mulches. Garden's looking great!

Lisa B. said...

Your raised bed gardens are looking great! I find gardening like you and I do so much easier than the old fashion method of tilling every spring, 50 foot rows and hoeing weeds every day! How about you?

Lisa B. said...

And one more thing, I also like that when gardening in these alternative methods there is no special machinery needed (ie tiller). So no upkeep on the tiller or gas says a lot. Money saved and less fumes in the atmosphere! I was so sick of having to have my tiller repaired and it was so hard to start and run.