Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Menu - April 12 through 18

Happy Easter! We're having ham today. Whether you're having ham, lamb, turkey or something else today, enjoy your meal!

Sunday, 4/12 - Ham, Box Car Potatoes, Cheesy Green Bean Casserole, Carrot Cake

I'll be serving one layer of the carrot cake and freezing the other; we usually don't finish an entire cake before it goes stale.

Monday, 4/13 - Ham/Meat Pie, Creamy Herb Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli, Carrot Cake

Sandra's recipe calls for purchased puff pastry, but I'm going to try using this instead.

Tuesday, 4/14 - Garlic Chicken Drumsticks, Creamy Herb Potatoes, Salad

Another recipe from Sandra; the original recipe is for wings or drumettes, but I'm using full-size drumsticks. Leg quarters were on sale a week or so ago for 49¢ per pound; I bought 20 pounds and separated the drumsticks from the thighs before repackaging them and putting them in the freezer.

Wednesday, 4/15 - Leftovers from Monday's Meat Pie, Corn, Jell-O with Fruit

Thursday, 4/16 - Ham and Lima Bean Cassoulet, Cornbread Muffins, Salad, Jell-O with Fruit

Friday, 4/17 - Kung Pao Shrimp, Steamed Rice, Egg Rolls, Corn

The Chinese recipes I tried from Bobby's blog a couple of weeks ago were so good, I decided to try two more.

Saturday, 4/18 - Grilled Burgers, French Fries or Tater Tots, Salad

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