Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekly Menu - 1/4 through 1/10

My goal this month is to buy as little as possible at the grocery store. This should be easy because our pantry, both fridges and all our freezers (one over each fridge and one deep freeze) are all well-stocked. I should only have to buy things like milk and a few fresh veggies this month.

Here is how the week should play out in terms of suppers:

Sunday 1/4: Black-eyed Peas with Ham, Cornbread, Lettuce Salad, Glazed Carrots

The peas are leftover from New Year's Day, but I'll need to make a fresh pan of cornbread or corn muffins. I will take what remains of the fresh veggies we used for dipping on New Year's Eve, chop them, and top our salads with them.

Monday 1/5: Steak Fajitas with toppings, Refried Beans, Green Chili Rice

I'll need to make time to make flour tortillas for this meal; I have a new combination tortilla press/cooker to try out. The rice is already cooked and frozen; I'll just need to give it a quick warm up in the microwave.

Tuesday 1/6: Ale-Braised Sausage and Peppers, Mashed Potatoes, Corn

The smoked sausage recipe comes from Mrs. Sac's Purple Kitchen. The mashed potatoes are a portion left from Thanksgiving that I put in the freezer. Freezing potatoes is usually not recommended, but mashed potatoes freeze well. Just reheat in a microwave or pan. If they look a little watery, just give them a quick stir with a fork and they'll thicken up.

Wednesday 1/7: Beef Stew with Steamed Dumplings, Canned Peaches

This stew will be a good way to use up any odds and ends left in the refrigerator.

Thursday 1/8: Pizza Burgers, Onion Straw or Rings, Canned Peaches

I have a little pizza sauce left from making a New Year's Eve snack and some Italian cheese blend left from a different snack. I'll use both to top burgers. My mom gave me a couple of huge onions the other day, so those will be made into onion rings, or onion straws.

Friday 1/9: Homemade Pretzels with Ale-Cheddar Sauce, Breaded Green Pepper Rings, Chicken Nuggets

Shane asked why we don't have "snack nights" except during the holidays, so I'm trying to have one once a week now. A few cans of beer froze in our garage and went flat. They'll be perfect to use in the cheese sauce. I'm also giving a try to green pepper rings; they are like onion rings, only with peppers.

Saturday 1/10: Clean Out the Refrigerator Night (aka C.O.R.N).

We'll eat whatever is left from the week's meals. If there aren't any leftovers, we can always have sandwiches of some kind.


Janelle said...

Sounds like a great use-it-up kind of week! I need to seriously have a few of those as stocked as I am on food. I love the idea of a tortilla press/cooker - please let me know how that works out. I got a panini grill and we used it yesterday and the kids LOVED it! Too bad it doesn't have flat plates or I might try it for tortillas....

Annie Jones said...

I'll try to do a post about the tortilla maker. I have a press I've used before, but had to cook the tortillas in a skillet. This will eliminate a step.

Leanne said...

I'd love to hear about the press too. I'm stuck in the dark ages rolling them out with a rolling pin and then cooking them, I usually make a ton of them and then freeze when I can be bothered.

Sometimes there's nothing better than a snack night and I like the sound of the green pepper rings.

Annie Jones said...

The tortillas were a failure. :( The press "works", meaning it will heat up and will press a tortilla. But it cooks the tortillas too quickly. The "set" before I could get them pressed out as large as I wanted. And if I tried to press them more quickly, the steam in the dough would build up so quickly that it would just blow the tortilla to shreds.

Out of what should have been a batch of 12, I managed not to shred 3 of them. Those ended up too small for fajitas and stiff as a board. I have too much to do today to make more in the skillet, so I'll have to have Shane pick some up at the store.

I will try the press for corn tortillas; the process is a little different. If it fails me on those, too, then I'll have to get rid of it. Now I know why I was able to pick it up nearly new at a resell shop for $8. It works...but it doesn't.