Friday, January 16, 2009

Sew...What's New?

I've taken up sewing again. I have never been an accomplished seamstress (or "sewist", a term I've seen a lot in recent weeks). On the other hand, on the few occasions when I took my time and remained patient, I turned out some fairly nice work. The problem there was that I rarely remained patient; it seems every sewing machine I've ever owned was out to get me.

Last summer, having not sewn a stitch for at least six years, I sold my old machine to someone more willing to put up with it's peculiarities. About a month later, the sewing bug bit me. After a few months of mulling it over, trying to ignore it, and just plain trying to talk myself out of it, I gave in and bought another machine. A new one this time. Well, an almost new one. It's "factory reconditioned", but if it has been used at all, I certainly can't tell. It's probably more machine than I'll ever need, but I was able to buy it at for less than many lesser models would have been brand new.

Here it is:

Janome 11558

And here is my first project, coordinating aprons for Kat and myself.

I decided to start with a very easy-to-sew project; few projects are more simple to make than aprons. I didn't want Kat to look like a Mini-Me, so I bought similar fabric in different colors, but used the same contrast fabric for both. They match...yet they don't.

This was a good refresher project for me. After sewing the first one with little trouble, the second one went together in no time.

Next up is a tunic-style top. I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but I'll post it here when I'm done.


Tug said...

Too cute! I think that's my problem with sewing...the whole patience thing.

Cathy said...

How cute! I like sewing projects that aren't too complicated and how together fairly easy. And...I love aprons.

Sarah said...

I have to admit - I got a machine a year or so ago, but I rarely sew. My next project though is making curtains for my bedroom. But....I cheat on those. I use full size flat sheets from WM - they cost about $5 each (cant get that much fabric that cheap anywhere!). They are the perfect size. Just wash, iron (starch if you like them to be a little stiffer), and sew a pocket near the top hem. Slip through a curtain rod & you are done! No need to edge or anything ;)

Leanne said...

Those aprons are beautiful. I'd love to be able to make some for Toots and I. She loves aprons when she's in the kitchen, but so far they've all been shop bought.

Lisa B. said...

Aprons are what I plan on making to finish up all my girls' xmas for next year. I'm like you, have little patience when it comes to sewing... so we will see how it goes. I love your frogs! and think you did a great job on yours.

Memarie Lane said...

I learned how to sew as a kid but wasn't any good, too impatient. I took lessons a few years ago and found I'm still too impatient. I can only sew things that won't be seen in public.