Thursday, January 29, 2009

If Only I Had More....

I took a quiz on Facebook yesterday called "Things You Wish You Had More Of". It consisted of a list of ten "things", most of them conceptual rather than material. The goal was to rank them in your own personal order of importance.

Because there was no right or wrong answer, there was no "score", only a "compatibility matching" of your answers to those of Facebook friends who had also taken the quiz.

If my memory is correct, the ten items on the list were:

Time to myself

I can't remember exactly how I ordered all of them, but I do know "Time to myself" was at the top of my list, and "Athleticism" was last. Concepts that deal with how I view myself (creativity, education, respect) all ranked high, while those that deal with how others see me (fame, beauty, having lots of friends) were in the bottom half.

Although "Money" would probably rank high on many a list, it fell somewhere near the middle for me. Sure, it's important, but it's not the most important thing on the list for me.

Also conspicuously absent from the list are health and faith. Wouldn't those shake the order up a bit? I think both hold significant importance to most of us.

How would you order your list? Are there things you'd drop from the list and others you would add?


Janelle said...

I'm happy to pass along the Lemonade Award to you!! Please check out my post from today for all the details:

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Tug said...

1. Friends. I treasure my friends, but this town? I have zero. It's evil. ;-)
2. Money (to help out K - you know)
3. Athleticism (To get rid of the muffin top that has made it's home around my midsection.)
4. Respect. (I will never be a man, & that seems to make a difference where I work.)
5. Creativity (Keep boredom away)
6. Education (Can't hurt!)
7. Beauty (See above?)
8. Fame (In the work sense - would help get a new job maybe?)
9. & 10. Time to myself & Confidence tie, just because I do think I'm the most OK with these 2 now...

Leanne said...

1. Friends. I like to surround myself with good friends unfortunately a lot of my friends were through work so its difficult to keep in touch.
2. Time to myself. More time would mean more finished projects, although they're mostly for other people its still something I get pleasure from doing.
2. Creativity. I would love to be able to just come up with something really fun and brilliant for my daughter to do, right off the top of my head.
4. Education (although I think that ships has sailed).
5. Respect.
6. Money (A healthier emergency find would be nice).
7. Confidence.
8. Beauty.
9. Athleticism (I'd replace this one with health, I'm pretty sure they go hand in hand).
10. Fame.