Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blah Humbug

The early shopping? The treat recipes I've been posting? The holiday crafts? To be honest, it's been nothing more than me going through the Christmas motions. I've been faking it, trying to get in "the mood".

I'm not saying I'm depressed; it doesn't feel like that. I don't think I'm ill; it doesn't feel like that, either. It's not even that the economy has dampened my spirits - not directly anyway.

I'm just not into the big to-do this year. I'm tired. I don't have much of an appetite lately. I haven't been in the mood to do any real cooking (thus all the junky treats lately).

Yet I still have gifts to wrap; food to buy and prepare. And I've somehow managed to lose my list of dishes I wanted to make for Christmas. I had it all planned out and now I can't find it. Which means I'll have to start over perusing my cookbooks or come up with a less than stellar array of goodies off the top of my head. Do you know how hard it is to do when you're just a week away from the big day and your lack of appetite means nothing sounds good?

Are any of the rest of you feeling this way?

Do you think Santa would deliver a couple of pizzas if I'm really good the next seven days?


Tug said...

Could the appetite be medical? Besides that, I'm right there with you, and by reading blogs, I really don't think we're alone. It's a pretty humbug kinda year all around.

Annie Jones said...

Tug: Maybe. I've gained about 4 pounds while eating less than usual. That could mean my thyroid med needs adjusted; just had it checked in September, though.

I found the menu I was looking for, though. :) I may not improve my spirit, but it'll save me some work.

Sarah said...

I personally still think its a great idea if Santa brings pizza :) When I was a kid, that would have been AWESOME!! Heck, it still would be :)

I think I found your appetite - it came over here to torture me. I am so stinkin hungry, but I am having a hard time eating much of anything. lol

Janelle said...

Thyroid meds....yes, they need CONSTANT adjustment! I think my current dose is .2 mcg, but they are checking me again in a couple of weeks cause I've been totally out of whack lately, and that most definitely can cause the blahs. I'd get it checked just to be safe. I found a great endocrinologist over by St. Luke's if you need one!!!! :-)

Annie Jones said...

Sarah: Pizza was a big deal when I grew up, too. Our little town didn't get a Pizza Hut until I was about 12 or so. Before that it was the Chef Boyardee kind from a box. Sometimes I still crave those.

Janelle: Thanks for commenting. Are you talking about Dr. Silver? I used to see him, but then moved a couple of hours from the city and just had my PCP handle it. When we moved back, I just never bothered to try to get back in. Maybe I should. If not him, then who? I'd love to know; you can either leave another message or email me directly. :)

Striving Green said...

I agree with Janelle - if you suspect it may be medical, be sure to see your specialist. Or see your PCP if you can't get in right away, then follow up with the endo.

And don't worry about Xmas pressures. Do what you enjoy best this season and leave the rest behind!

Leanne said...

Turkey and stuffing pizza does sound good. I think I just found another way to use up leftovers.

Best get the meds checked. it sounds like everyone above me has a good idea of what they're talking about.

And never worry about it being Christmas, it's just a long weekend at home with the family.

Lisa B. said...

annie I have had the christmas blah also. I did put up our tree and stockings but that is all. No outdoor decorations (hubby has the blah also) My other small tree and decorations throughout the house is still in the box and I decided I wasnt going to mess with it. I wanted to do some baking today, but sis is in town from Lousiana and had me running all over kansas city all day. I work the next two days so there will be little baking accomplished. The main thing I have done is everyone's gifts and that list this year was even shorter and simpler.

I still have 6 more presents to wrap and I'm done. Hubby wrapped 4 last night for me.