Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Works-For-Me-Wednesday: ScotchGard

Now, I know a few people who probably think ScotchGard is lock on the liquor cabinet. But no, I'm talking about the fabric protector used to protect against stains. We use it on all kinds of things around the house. This stuff:

My favorite use for ScotchGard is to spray it on our tennis shoes (the kind with both leather and nylon mesh) before we wear them and after each washing. It won't keep them looking brand new, but it does keep them looking nice a lot longer.

If we buy upholstered furniture (new or just new-to-us), I spray it with ScotchGard. If you have kids in the house, it's almost a must.

Shane and I even applied ScotchGard to the entire interior of our van just after we bought it. If we have spills, they bead up instead of soaking in and can be easily wiped away. The dealership "offered" to do it for us for several hundred dollars. We were able to do it ourselves for about $50. The protection has lasted 2-1/2 years so far; we'll probably Scotchgard it again in a few months just to keep it protected.

I use ScotchGard on (some) clothing items, mattresses, backpacks and just about anything that could use extra stain protection.

As usual, I don't get paid for any products I recommend on this blog. I'm just passing the word along about a product that works for me.

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Anonymous said...

Cool. I never would have thought to use it on the car seats! That probably would have saved my poor car from many a stain...