Friday, October 3, 2008

Prescription Savings on Zomig

If you use any of the forms of Zomig to relieve migraine headaches, here is a link to enroll in their cost-saving program.

Zomig Cost-Savings Program

When you enroll you'll receive information that your pharmacy uses as a secondary prescription insurance (or primary, if you don't have prescription insurance). The benefit will pay up to $35 of your copay for up to six fills on a new or existing prescription. Our copay on this drug is $20, so that means I'll be getting the next six months of it for free.

When I talked to a Zomig customer service rep today, she recommended using a larger pharmacy chain such as Walgreens or CVS. I took my prescription to Walgreens and they processed the discount without any trouble at all. I would guess that Wal-Mart and Target pharmacies would also honor the program. Unfortunately, experience has taught me that some independently-owned pharmacies will not. If you're in doubt, ask before submitting your prescription to be filled.

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Violet said...

Just the word co-pay and pharmacy make me cringe. I just got accepted onto my own health insurance since I don't have employer paid benefits anymore. Yikes!