Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I'm the first to recommend some quality down-time to any of my friends who are stressed out, overworked, and generally too busy with life. I try to tell them that life is short, there are more important things than working day in and day out, that they're working away hours they'll never be able to get back and so on and so forth.

When I give this advice, I'm not talking about family time or couple's time, although those are very important as well. What I'm really talking about is some good, healthy time alone. A bit of time set aside each day, or as often as possible, to do whatever it is that makes them feel relaxed and happy. I'm always so happy for them when they take my advice.

Is it surprising to know that I don't follow my own advice? After all, I'm a SAH-wife and should have plenty of time for relaxation, right? Wrong. I never seem to have enough hours in the day to do what I think needs to be done, let alone time to do what I want to do for fun and relaxation. Shane gets onto me often, telling me to slow down, quit working so much and let things around the house go a little.

That's easier said than done for me, but last week I started doing something I hope will become a habit. I've promised myself (and Shane) to take 1-2 hours a day, during the day while it's nice and quiet here at home, to do anything I want to do. I've also promised to enjoy those hours without concerning myself over laundry, errands, cooking or anything other than my chosen distraction.

So far, I've been crocheting during my "me time". Over time I'll probably do some reading and cross-stitching and knitting and even napping. It doesn't matter what I do, just that I do it and do it without guilt.

How much time out do you take just for yourself? Has it had a positive effect on you? Please share.


Tug said...

I'm single, & alone for the most part at work.

I have WAY too much 'alone time'.

Cathy said...

I am one that needs a lot of down time. I enjoy waking up before the kids and after my husband has left for work to read blogs and emails. I love learning about other's lives. If we have a day at home, the dog and I will go upstairs around 2 in the afternoon to read and take a little nap. I also feel like my daily walks are time to reflect and I enjoy that time.

Donna said...

You Need time to yourself! I try but am not always successful...Happy peaceful weekend sweetie!hughugs

Leanne said...

I'm just as bad. We took toots to the beach for a walk a few weeks ago. It wasn't the warmest but the sun was shining and the weather's been awful all summer so off we went. When we got there I saw a womanmaybe in her late forties, lying on top of a picnic bench just looking up at the sky.

If I thought about I'm sure there are a handful of things I could scratch off my list everydaym things that don't really need done and I can go to the beach and have a lie down.

Roll on January.