Sunday, September 21, 2008

The (Re)Building of a Shed

We bought a year-old 10' x 16' Tuff Shed for a mere $750 over the Labor Day weekend. The family who sold it to us were forced to get rid of it by their homeowners' association. Shane, his BIL, and one of his co-workers disassembled it and brought it home on a trailer.

Look. Here it is now, sitting on the trailer waiting to be put back together.

Last week, Shane got started by constructing the frame for the floor.

Saturday, he (and Kat), laid down the floor.

The original tear-down crew, with the addition of Shane's foreman and our former neighbor (aka Wilson) started reconstruction Sunday morning around 8:30 a.m. It went together quickly because the guys had the forethought to code everything before they disassembled the shed a few weeks ago. Here are the walls going up.

Here are the rafters going up.

And here the guys are putting on a new roof, using plywood from Shane's BIL and shingles we bought via craigslist. (The old roof didn't survive the tear-down.)

Most of the guys had to leave by 4:00 because of other commitments, but Shane's foreman stayed to finish putting on the shingles. They called it a day around 6:30.

Of course, there's work left to be done. Shane will trim the shingles this evening after work. The doors still have to be hung, but he thinks I'll be able to help with that if no one else is available. Trim has to be reattached and the whole thing will need a new coat of paint. But the hard part it done now!

Well, except for moving the mower and all the junk and crap tools and building supplies out of our garage into the shed.

The total cost for the shed was was just under $1100. That includes the shed, the gasoline to haul it home, the free "rental" of a friend's car-hauler trailer, the roofing materials and a few other building supplies, lunch out the day the shed was hauled home, groceries for yesterday's lunch and beer (the crew's preferred compensation for labor).


Tug said...

That's going to be SO awesome to have that! Thank goodness for help...and Kat is too cute with her hammer. ;-)

Kathy said...

That's a good looking shed. Now how long do you think it will take for you to fill it up? ha ha We are always having to clean ours out because you can't even get in the door. Where does all this stuff come from?