Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Weeks' Worth of Veggies and a Surprise

Here is the produce the CSA farmers had for
us the last couple of weeks.

On August 6th, they had basil, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash,
cantaloupe, grapes and Roma tomatoes.

On August 13th, they had corn, tomatoes, squash,
watermelon, okra and cucumbers.

Surprise! The watermelon was yellow inside!


Shelli said...

Was it yummy? What does a yellow watermelon taste like?

(Bet you thought I didn't read here. :) )

Annie Jones said...

I thought it was just a little on the bland side compared to the last little (pink) melon we had. But that one was awesome, so maybe it's not a fair comparison. It probably varies from melon to melon.

(I'm GLAD you read here!:) )

Bluepaintred said...

WOAH! how'd THAT happen? is it a special kind of watermelon or is it a freak of nature? You should have called the media! You could be famous!

Donna said...

WoW! Haven't had one of those in a Long time!! Happy eating!!hughugs

Lisa said...

I thought I had seen/heard of everything.