Friday, August 1, 2008

Frappuccino Knock Off

I like those canned or bottled creamy coffee drinks made by Starbucks and other companies, but I never want to pay the price for them, so I came up with a copy cat recipe. I haven't done a side-by-side taste comparison, but I think this concoction tastes pretty good.

It's much cheaper than the ready-made version, even if you choose to buy and use the Starbucks coffee at home. I've done just that, but honestly, I like the French roast and dark roast versions of Wal-Mart's Great Value brand. That's what I usually use. Use whatever coffee is your favorite.

I also use evaporated milk instead of regular (refrigerated) milk or half and half. I like the creaminess of the evaporated milk. What's more, a half a cup of evapomilk has the same amount of calcium as a full cup of regular milk. I'm concerned about my calcium intake, so this is an important factor for me. If you're worried about calories, the name brand evapomilk usually come in a fat-free version, yet still have a creamy texture.

Here's the quick math, based on a little online research for amounts per pound:

  • Wal-Mart Coffee - approx. $3.50 per pound / 25 (8-oz.) cups per pound = 14¢
  • Aldi Sugar - 40¢ per pound /32 Tablespoons per pound = 1¢ per Tablespoon x 2 = 2¢
  • Aldi Evaporated Milk - 69¢ per 12 oz. can = 6¢ per ounce x 4 = 24¢

Total for 12 ounces of coffee drink = 40¢ (about 75¢ if you use Starbucks coffee)

And here's the quick recipe:

Annie's Chilled Cappuccino
8 oz. strong hot coffee
2 Tablespoons sugar (or to taste)
1/2 cup evaporated milk

Stir sugar into hot coffee until it dissolves. Stir in evaporated milk. Pour into jar or travel mug with a lid. Chill several hours; shake well before drinking.

Optional: Add chocolate syrup (or any other flavor) to taste.

Makes 12 ounces.


Leanne said...

We can't get fat free evap milk here, but sod it, if I can get my "Frap Fix" for that price, I'll happily get fat and have a foamy moustache as well.

Thanks for this.

Donna said...

LOL...I'm heading to the kitchen NOW>>>>>>>>>>>Hahahaha!!!

Tug said...

I stopped drinking 'fattening' coffee for the most part, and Starbucks (or other namebrands) is a treat now, but I used to make some pretty good stuff at home with powdered creamer, sugar, caramel ice cream topping & some mocha cappucino mix. And strong coffee.

No, I have no IDEA why I've gained weight, why do you ask? ;-)

Lisa said...

That so yummmy. I think I will have hubby save his coffee tomorow am and make me one!!

Sarah said...

You are in the area - I got AT&T "naked" DSL - DSL without the phone line. Only $24.99/month without a contract. So...technically you could ditch the cable & get the internet for only $25 :)