Friday, August 29, 2008

Decluttering Days 59 through 75

Yes, I'm still decluttering. In the last 17 days I've:

  • sold two books, one VHS tape and one CD on
  • sent out three requested books from my Frugal Reader account
  • sold a Crock Pot BBQ Pit and a jar of facial scrub on eBay
  • sold a free-standing adjustable basketball goal on craigslist
  • finally sorted through the literature and freebies we got at the state fair and was able to recycle most of it
  • sorted through a week's worth of Kat's Kindergarten papers and was able to recycle most of them
  • bought a few new tops for myself and removed an equal number of old ones from my closet to be donated
  • found an organized, but temporary, place to store all of the items we’ve purchased for our bathroom remodel so far
The other three days? Honestly, I don't remember. But I'm sure I organized or got rid of something.

I'll continue on with this challenge, because the decluttering needs to be done. But the clutter isn't going away fast enough for me. I'm thinking of putting more things out at the curb for free this weekend, advertising it on craiglist, and getting rid of a lot at once.


Lisa said...

Decluttering is a vicious cycle for me. I struggle with this daily. It seems for every one thing that is recycled, donated or disposed of, three things show up.

So I try to turn the table and throw away more than what's brought in, but the scale still hasnt tipped the other way. I keep trying though.

Thanks for posting to give me the inititive to continue to try.

Donna said...

Goodness! You Have been busy!!hughugs

Tug said...

I used my family coming in for Labor Day weekend as a kick in the butt I needed, & took a car FULL (small car, but still about 4 boxes & 5 garbage bags) to donate at ARC thrift felt GOOD. ;-)