Monday, July 28, 2008

When Is Foreclosure A Good Thing?

When one of your neighbor's is renting his house and refuses to do any maintenance or make any repairs, and therefore can't keep good (if any) tenants in the place.

We found out over the weekend that our neighbor-turned-slum-lord J lost his house in foreclosure. We couldn't be happier. Hopefully someone decent will buy it and move in, or at least an investor will turn it into a good rental property.


Karen said...

I got so tired of my neighbors and all the crap they did, which is another reason why I love my life now that I live in a travel trailer.

Annie Jones said...

That's Shane's and my retirement live in an RV and travel the country. Maybe having a home base somewhere. Or maybe not.

Thanks for stopping by!

Donna said...

Well good! Nothing worse then a nasty neighbor!!hughugs

Sarah said...

Re: your comment - I used to live there! Now I live about 20 mins north, closer to where our teams play ball :)

I see all these people getting awesome deals at grocery stores and I have to admit, I dont know of any in our area that double coupons or anything like that. Got any tips for good places to shop?

Annie Jones said...

Donna: You're so right.

Sarah: And I used to live closer to where you are now!

Re: shopping, if you can find a SunFresh still open, they might double. Also Hen House, but they are more expensive to begin with. I don't know of any others that do, especially in your area. I usually shop at Aldi, Price Chopper and occasionally HyVee, but only for their sale items. I think HyVee is too expensive otherwise.

Sarah said...

Yep, that is what I thought. Aldi and sale items seem to be my best bets. Too bad :(