Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vegetable Catch-Up

I'm behind on posting pictures of the veggies from the CSA farm. I didn't pick up veggies last week because I was sick. But here are pics from July 16 and from this week.

July 16: We received bi-color squash, rainbow chard, onions, tomatoes, the best sweet corn I've ever eaten, and a tiny little watermelon (that's Kat's hand in the picture). Oh, and "fingerling" potatoes.

This week we got more of that great corn, okra, tomatoes, Italian (flat) green beans, yellow and zucchini squash and some blackberries.

Watch for the recipe for stewed blackberries and "dumplin's". Just like my grandma used to make. I'm going to try to make it in a day or two.


Donna said...

These look Wonderful!! Especially the corn!!hughugs

Lisa said...

Everything looks so yummy. I just have one question though, Is your photos of everything you get, or do you just take a picture of a few of each veggie. I'm just trying to figure out how much you get for what you pay.

Annie Jones said...

Lisa: What you see is the amount we get. Doesn't look like much sometimes, does it? But generally, there is enough of any given item for 4 servings (or one meal). I've bought almost no additional vegetables since I started participating in this program.

I think I explained the pricing averages to about $16 a week. Several weeks I've compared what I got to what it would cost in the store.

The CSA veggies are usually a dollar or two higher than what they'd be in the grocery store, but they are organically grown and taste so much better, too.

That being said, I probably won't do this again next year, but only because I have to drive 15 miles each way to get them. I've successfully worked other errands or mystery shops into these trips, but I think next year, I'll just take my $16 to the farmer's market here in town each week.

Lisa said...

Annie, thanks for the further explanation on the veggies. I really appreciate it.