Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Update on the Declutter Challenge

I'm still keeping up with the 365-Day Declutter Challenge. I just haven't kept up with posting about it.

Day 26 - Set the frame to Kat's old metal swing set at the curb along with the last of a few things our recently-moved neighbor didn't want to take with him. All items were gone by the end of the day.

Day 27 - I went through my "household notebook" and removed any clipped recipe, menu idea, expired coupon or unneeded business card I found there. Kept and filed what I needed, threw away what I didn't.

Day 28 - We held an impromptu garage "no-sale". Gave away many, many things.

Day 29 - Sold a book on; shipped it.

Day 30 - Kat outgrew a pair of Crocs-type shoes after two wearings. They were navy and red (Spiderman colors) so I passed them on to Kat's babysitter for her son.

Day 31 - Threw away a small basket of sea shells that our neighbor had brought back from their vacation to give to Kat. She hasn't looked at them since she received them months ago.

Day 32 - The outfit Kat wanted to wear today is now too small. Put it in a box for future thrift store donations.

Day 33 - Noticed a drinking glass was cracked. Threw it away before it broke and cut someone.

Day 34 - Away camping, nothing decluttered.

Day 35 - Unpacked from camping, threw out trash, park maps, etc., before they made it into the house.

Day 36 (today) - Straightened medicine cabinet and bathroom closet. Removed nothing, but they are now organized and not so cluttered looking.

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Tug said...

Will you come to my place please? I'd say I'll cook for you, but um yeah - that'd probably be you, too.

Sounds appealing, no?