Sunday, June 29, 2008

No More Menus?!?

I've decided to discontinue posting my weekly menus, at least for the rest of the growing season. It's just too difficult for me to plan full meals until I see what we get in our weekly CSA bag on Wednesdays. Also, I plan to use up all manner of odds and ends in our pantry in July, so our meals might wind up being too strange to share with normal folk.
Instead of menus, I'm going to try to post more recipes, especially those that use the CSA vegetables as I get them. I may (or may not) resume posting menus in the fall.

I do plan to continue posting pictures of the produce we receive. I'm a little behind, but here are the last two weeks' photos.

June 18 - Clockwise from left:
Cabbage, leeks, turnips, basil, onions, new potatoes.

June 25 - Clockwise from top left: Chinese cabbage, beets (with greens), new potatoes, gooseberries (to make Shane's favorite pie), onions, summer squash.


Lisa said...

I also quit planning a whole weeks meals and posting them. It seems that when summer rolls around there are too many unexpected things come up and I wasnt sticking to it. It's easier for me to plan in the fall and winter. It does make me a little frantic sometimes not knowing what I'm going to cook.

thanks for sharing the pics.

Annie Jones said...

Lisa: I'm still planning my menus, sort of. I can plan the protein/main dish part, and maybe one side. But the rest is up in the air, and I'd rather not post incomplete meal plans.

And like you, the menus seem harder to stick to in the summer. When I change up a menu that I've already posted, I feel like I've lied about it on the blog...LOL!

Donna said...

Just keep doing the photos!! I Love them!!hughugs