Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Challenge

As much as clutter and mess bother me, I tend to be a bit of a pack rat. I hang on to things that might be useful someday, might sell on eBay, might be passed on to a friend or family member who could use them, might be donated to charity, etc.

That's all great. Reusing and recycling as much as possible is a noble goal, in my opinion. But if you pack rat long enough, the clutter begins to take over. That's why I'm taking the 365 Day Clutter Challenge to sell, donate, or toss at least one item a day.

This kind of challenge can be found all over the Internet, including at the Flylady forums, and just who started it doesn't seem clear. That seems beside the point to me; the point being...getting junk out of my house even if it takes playing games with myself to do so. I saw it first at See The Woods and The Trees, who picked it up from SAHMmy Says, so that's the challenge (and badge) I've decided to take for myself.

I'll be posting the day's (or days') flotsam and jetsam at the end of my regular posts. We'll see if I can keep up for a full year. Play along if you want...unless, of course, you're not a pack rat like me.


365 Day Clutter Challenge - Day 1: Put a 10x14 picture frame that I intended to use for a cross-stitch project into the thrift store donation box.

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Donna said...

Great idea!! I'll TRY to do the same!!LOLhughugs