Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pizza Done A Little Differently

I decided to try my hand at making a double crust pizza. I usually make a pan pizza or one with semi-thin crust. Making a double crust pizza wasn't any more difficult, and was actually quicker than the pan pizza I make because the dough didn't require a second rising.

I used my "ol' faithful" bread recipe for the crust, but this time added a little granulated garlic and a blend of basil and oregano to the dough. I let it rise, divided it into 4 pieces and rolled each out to just a little larger than my pizza pans. I put one crust in each pan, which I'd brushed with a bit of olive oil, and topped it with a mix of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, some Canadian bacon, and one one of the pizzas, some onion, peppers and mushrooms. I topped each with their rolled-out top crusts, pinched the edges together and rolled them in toward the center to form a ridge like on a fruit pie crust. Then I spread pizza sauce over the top, added a little more mozzarella, and baked at 400°. until I was certain the top crust was cooked (the center is especially slow to cook). If the crust bubbled up, I pierced it with a fork to let out the steam. They baked in about half an hour, the pizza with the vegetables taking a few minutes longer.

That's the method. You can click here for my bread recipe, then the toppings are your choice.

BTW, we solved the problem of getting Kat to eat pizza. We figured out she doesn't like the spiciness of pepperoni or Italian sausage. She ate this Canadian bacon pizza just fine.


Donna said...

...Licking the screen sweetie...licking the screen!!LOLOL

Violet said...

Looks delish! YUM!

Annie Jones said...

Donna: You make me laugh!

Violet: Thanks!