Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jumped the Gun

Some of you may have seen the earlier post that I was going to make some blog changes here. Unfortunately, that's been postponed; my daughter was going to help me with that, but she's not able to.

Sorry for the confusion. If I can figure out how to make the changes on my own, I will. Otherwise, what you see is what you get. For now anyway.


Donna said...

Don't worry about it!! It's fine like it is!!lol...happy day sweetie!hughugs

Lisa said...

I also like it the way it is.

Lisa said...

Annie, I'm just checking in on you to be sure you and your family are safe after the storms that rolled through last night.

Annie Jones said...

Lisa: Thanks for checking on us. We are fine. Around 9:00 the funnel clouds that were reported were a few miles south of us. Our sirens did go off, but we think the storm had actually passed through before they did.

The storm that came through around 2:00 this morning woke me up, it was so loud with hail and wind, but we didn't get any damage.

How 'bout you? You weather the storms ok?