Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Have Willpower (At Least A Little)

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get my vision checked (because they are one of few places that take our insurance). I'll be getting new glasses, but that's a story for another post.

Anyway, while I was there, I found some great mark-downs:

  • Christmas tins of shortbread cookies at 62¢ each (75% off) - I like these, and didn't buy any over the Holidays, so I put four tins in my cart.
  • A Wilton Christmas Tree Cookie Pan at $2.50 (also 75% off) - We all know I'm crazy about anything kitchen related.
  • Christmas coffee mugs at 10¢ each (again, 75% off) - At that price, who could resist?
  • A Dora the Explorer watercolor set at $5.00 (at least 50%) off - Maybe this would be a good birthday gift for Kat.

Total damage = $10.38. Surely that wouldn't hurt our budget too much, would it? Well, by itself, not really. But if I let myself spend $10 today, I might let myself spend $10 more tomorrow. And Shane might think it's alright for him to spend $10 a day, too. At that rate, by the end of the month we might spend more than $600 on things we don't really need or want. We already decided that at least for January, we're going to reduce spending on things we don't need. So I took a closer look at the things in my cart.

Kat's birthday isn't until July, and by then she may have decided she doesn't like Dora, or that she'd rather have an outdoor toy. We really don't need any more coffee mugs and although they might make cute Secret Santa gifts for someone, I can't imagine who I'd give them to. That's assuming I could even find them again come next Christmas. And the cute cookie pan only had molds for four cookies at time. What a pain in the butt that would be to use! So I decided to put all of those things back on the shelf.

As for the cookies, well, I still wanted those, but decided I only needed two tins instead of four. Total cost $1.24 -- I think I can live with that.


A Little Thing To Save Money: A bargain isn't a bargain, no matter what the discount, if you won't use what you buy.

A Little Thing To Simplify Your Life: The only other thing I bought while at the store yesterday was a box of Ziploc Bags in the snack size. I may use them for snacks, but the main reason I bought them was to organize all those small cords that seem to be attacked by the cord gremlins every night...things like cell phone charging cords, camera card readers, USB cords, ear buds, etc. I put each one in a bag of it's own and tossed them all into a basket on top of our desk. No more tangles!


Lisa said...

lol. I've thought the same thing many times. If I spend this, then he will think its ok to spend that. When added up everyday... WHOA!

I've filled my cart with this good deal and that good deal and by the time I got to the check out I talked myself out of it, not as good as I originally thought.

It's comforting knowing I'm not the only one who as thought these thoughts!

Dannalie said...

Good for you! You showed great willpower!

I am not a "stuff" person. However, I am a "go and do" person. I thought about calling my hubby and asking him if he wanted to go have a beer after work tonight. But I didn't and instead came home and I am making dinner!

One day at a time! That's all we can do!


Annie Jones said...

Lisa: Sometimes the little bargains are tempting, but that $600 it might amount to by the end of the month? That could buy my coveted laptop computer. It won't, but it could. LOL!

Dannalie: I've gone through those "go and do" phases, too. They're just as hard a habit to break, I think.