Thursday, December 6, 2007

What Will They Think Of Next?

I ran across this today when I was looking for some gentle lotion for Kat's eczema. Can someone explain to me why you would ever spend money on "Baby Cologne"? I love the smell of Johnson's or any brand of baby products, but this seems like something a person might use if they were too lazy to just go ahead and give the baby a bath.

Cost: A very wasteful $3-$5.


Donna said...

'Ta heck with putting it on Baby...If it smells like powder, I'd buy it for myself!! But you know, you're right! I bet some of these mothers would do just that!!

DadGuy said...

Donna's likeely right. "baby powder" has many uses, not just for babies, I'm sure this fills some sort of niche like that.

Still, it is pretty odd. =)

Tug said...

Wow. I love Johnson's smells, too...and babies AFTER a bath! ;-)

Annie Jones said...

Donna and Dadguy: I suppose some women might be using it themselves or for room spray, etc.. I'm just not sure what I think about that...LOL!

Tug: Not much smells better than a baby after a bath!